How Do Metal Militia Montreal Lifters Get So Strong So Quickly?

Written by Ross Saldan

How Do Metal Militia Montreal Lifters Get So Strong So Quckly?


Shany Gilbert was just turned 18 years old when she first started lifting with us. The first time she learned to bench press was at our gym Metal Militia Montreal style. She was lucky because she didn't have any other bench press style that she had to unlearn. She just learned one way to bench, the MMM way. Two years later, when Shany just turned 20 she benched 407 lbs making her the fourth strongest female bencher in the 'World in All-Time at the 181 lb class.


Mike Guay came to our gym in September to learn powerlfting. He had bench pressed raw before but was quick to unlearn his raw technique and picked up the MMM bench form very quickly. Less than a year later, Mike benched 810 lbs, the highest bench press in Canadain history.


Cheryl McKenzie at 49 years old benched a new Canadian record of 285 lbs and a few weeks later benched 300 lbs in the gym.. Cheryl just squatted 517 lbs at the last competition, the highest squat by any female in Canada at any weight at any age.


Shawna Geraghty-Saldan, my daughter came into the gym and was our true test. We had all these sucesses. Now, what could we do with a 127 lb, 29 year old girl who had never lifted in the gym before. Well, Shawna started in January of 2010 and five months later, in May 2010, Shawna smashed the Canadian Bench Press record in her category with a 248 lb bench press. The previous record was 156 lbs.


There are many more stories like this, Joanick Boilard joined our team with a 405 bench press and a 635 lb squat. Joanick drove an hour an a half from Sherbrooke each weekend to train with the Metal Militia Montreal Team and in a few months he benched 550 lbs and squatted 850 lbs just last week and now knows that he can squat 900 soon. Joffery Laurin joined our Team and drove from Gatineau every week and sometimes twice a week. His bench shot up from 400 to 565 in a competition and his squat went from 600 to 865 lbs. Ghislain Roy just squatted 735 lbs up from his best of 500 just a few months ago. Ghislain also drives up on weekends to train with the Team. An interesting fact about these guys is that they all travel to get to  Montreal Barbell and they have never been late on a Sunday morning.


Petter Elvekrok lives in Norway. He started three months ago to learn the Metal Militia Montreal bench style through emails and videos. He set himself a goal of benching 280 kgs in November at the WPC World's in 2011 in Finland. He achieved his goal in August and now wonders how much higher should he set his goal?


So, how did they do it? How did they all increase their lifts by so much weight? How did they set All-Time World Historical Records and Canadian Records and World Records in such short time? How did they do it???


Well, let me lay it out for you.


(Sorry, I don't mean to leave you hanging... I will finish this with an answer to how we did in a few days, please be patient, thanks, Ross Saldan)