Hard Work by Sebastian Burns

Written by Ross Saldan

Hard Work
By: Sebastian Burns

Nothing is accomplished without work, and in terms of upping your lifts; it is almost the most important factor. Most people believe that they are working hard in the gym. I will tell you straight out that 99% of lifters are not working as hard as they could be. Lets take a look at some common mistakes made by people who are trying to get their lifts up.

First you must have a good attitude towards the work. You cannot go into the gym thinking, “Man I have to do all this and I don't really feel like it”. Sure, there are days that we don't feel like training. If you are going to take the time to go to the gym, load all the weight, and get all your friends together to help spot, you need to forget all other bullshit and put your mind into the work. When I go in to train I know right from the start that the work is going to be hard, and there is a chance I will get hurt and I may feel like I got hit by a truck for days to come. One thing that most people say to me is “Wow, how do you do so much work?”, well I do because I make myself feel like I have to. I say to myself, “This is all I know and this is all I have, and I will kill myself in this fucking gym if I have to.” I want to get my lift and I want to be the best lifter I can. I want to always be the last lifter in the gym. I will be the one there for hours after everyone leaves. I will never quit until I know I have killed myself.

Here is some other shit I hear sometimes when I am working out with people.

“I worked all day or all week and I am tired”. This one really gets me going. I don't give a fuck, we are here to do work and I don't care if your arm is half torn off. I also worked all day or all week and my drive to do the work is high because I will succeed, and while you are complaining about your hard work I will use your complaining to piss me off to do even more work.

“My head is not in it tonight” Well your body is here so you might as well get your fucking head in it. While you are in the gym there is nothing more important than getting the work done regardless of what is on your mind. If it is woman problems or financial problems you must learn to separate yourself from that bullshit. Do you think some girl gives a shit about your workout? Well she doesn't and she is probably talking to or hanging out with some other guy while you are there working out. So forget about her and if it is money that is bothering you quit lifting and go get a better job because there is no money in lifting.

“I'm spent man, I don't have anything left” If you say this than that means that you do not have a drive to succeed. There has been many times where my body has hurt so bad and I had not hardly eaten that day, but I want to better myself and I want to get the work done. The easy thing to do here would be to just go home and rest. I know for a fact that someone else out there is not going to just leave. They will stay and do the work no matter what. How do I know, because I am that lifter.

“My shoulder, pec, or elbow is bothering me” Well you need to realize that lifting weights will beat your body all to hell. There will always be something that does not feel quite right when you reach the upper level of weight training. I am not saying train with injuries, but I have actually heard people say my shoulder is bothering me a little so I am going to stop. While I am standing there with a huge swollen lump on my shoulder, a loud grinding going on, and can barely straighten my arm out because of elbow pain. I want to scream fuck you! Now I am going to stay here and work even harder because you are a little Bitch.

There are many more things that piss me off, but I am sure some of you have heard these excuses, and that is all they are; excuses for not wanting to do the work. Or god forbid you have said some of these yourself. I will list a few things that you can try if you want to work harder.

1.       Go thru your whole workout. Then go thru it again.

2.       Go thru an exercise then do it again.

3.       Be the last person out of the gym.

4.       Use your training partners slacking to piss you off to do more work.

5.   Act like all you have is this workout and you are going to make the best of it 

6.       Don’t be afraid to kill yourself during a workout. 

7.       Know that your mind is much stronger than your body.

8.       Yell loud at people who are not doing work.


Most of all just start loving the work.  It is the only thing you have that will help you get what you want.