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Gym Info

Montreal Barbell is a Strength and Conditioning Gym



Please NOTE: MONTREAL BARBELL IS CURRENTLY CLOSED AT ITS ORIGINAL LOCATION. We have moved temporarily and are not operating as a commercial gym. We are still looking for a new location to move to. For information please contact Ross Saldan


This information below is the way it was when we were open but is no longer current. We may open again this year, so stay tuned.


The GYM is OPEN 24 HOURS to Members with a key.

New Members and people inquiring about the gym may visit us during the following hours:


Monday - 1:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Tuesday - 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Wednesday - 1:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Thursday we are CLOSED

Friday  1:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Saturday 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm

Sunday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Group training hours are:

Mon 6:00 pm Squat group 2
Tues 6:00 pm raw light Bench
Wed 6:00 pm Deadlift
Fri 6:00 pm Heavy Shirt Benching Group 1
Sat - out of town guest lifters, Bench, Strongman as arranged
Sun 11:00 am Powerlifting Squat
Schedules change sometimes - please check with us before coming down.

Contact Info

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Montreal Barbell: 450 424 7220


RATES - For rates click here


Montreal Barbell is a 2650 square foot gym dedicated to building strength and conditioning. Every piece of equipment in the gym is carefully chosen to make you stronger and in better condition.



Conditioning Strength

Not just Cardio, not just CrossFit but conditioning using a proven stength focused base, using powerlifting techniques and full body movements.

Why should you do ROSSFIT? First its an opportunity to get a lot of work done in a challenging, fun and motivating group atmosphere. Second, its the quickest way to get the leanest and fittest body along with the best cadio fitness. It will help you lose weight and generally shape your body to the way you want to look. it will get you prepared and in better shape as an athlete for your other primary sport that you want to excel in.



We are recognized as one of the best POWERLIFTING GYMS in the world and in Canada. In our short three year existance we have produced 15 World All-Time Historical top 20 Records. This means that our athletes have risen in a very short time to become one of the top 20 best in the world across all powerlifting federations in history. I don't know of any other gyms in the world that have achieved this level and especially in such a short time.

We are the best equipped powerlifting gym in Canada and again one of the top in the world. Our equipment is all the most heavy duty and thus safe and includes:

3 Militia Monolifts for squatting,

4 Militia Competition Benches,

Specialty Barbells - Texas Squat, Power Bench and Deadlift Bars

Heavy Duty Belt Squat

45 degree Leg Press, harder than regular gym leg presses

Reverse Hyper

Heavy Duty Power Rack

Hack Squat

118 x 45 lbs plates

Dumbells up to 180 lbs

Strongman equipment - sled, two log presses, stones, tires for flipping

4000 amp Stereo

Plus: - 5 cardio machines and several plate loaded CYBEX machiness like regular gyms have.

3/4" rubber floor mats wall to wall.

cold drink fridge and a wall of Supplements for Sale


We sell:

Occasional new and used Inzer briefs, suits and knee and wrist wraps, bench shirts and t-shirts

Frantz Powergear canvas suits, TP5000 knee wraps and TP5000 wrist wraps

NocWarrior (Eddie) custom made Denim Bench Shirts

M3 - METAL MILITIA MONTREAL Powerlifting Gear - Squat Suits, Briefs, Bench Shirts and Deadlift Suits, suit slippers

Matman wrestling Lifting Singlets

Powerlifting BELTS - Single, double prong and Lever Belts

Bench Lever Belts

T-shirts, tanks, woman's t's and tanks and hoodies - METAL MILITIA MONTREAL OFFICIAL WEAR,  and Montreal Barbell Logo



Montreal Barbell is....


A GYM with two sides. One side is a friendly neighborhood gym where people come to train for health and physical well-being. The other side is also friendly and is a serious strength training gym that is quickly gaining world wide recognition for hosting world class Powerlifting Competitions and developing several World Ranked Powerlifters and Canadian Champions.

The members in our gym have two things in common: they are all nice, honest people who are willing to help you when you come in to train, and, they all achieve their goals very quickly. We are not crowded and even though we have 2.650 squat feet, we are more of a home style gym than a large commercial gym. You will not find mirrors on our walls, although we did get one recently for posing. People come to our gym to train and to achieve their goals.

And, we have competition experienced coaches and trainers ready to help you get started and become a champion. If you want to train for BODYBUILDING we have a Mr. Olympia Natural Body Building Champion and National Body Building Head Judge and certified trainer, Martin Cormier who will get you started on a real bodybuilding program

If you want STRENGTH and CONDITIONING, we have a certified Strength and Conditioning trainer for over 20 years. Steve Michelin has a background in training in Strength Sports, MMA conditioning training tailored for Grappling and Brazilian Jiujitsu. Has a background in stuntwork and has trained professional athletes, amateur athletes and celebrities.

We have cardio machines that are not used very much. We have plate-loaded machines and Cybex cable machines. We also have a free weight section with the most heavy duty, strong and safe equipment for powerlifting and strongman trainnig. We have a large outdoor parking lot for flipping tires and pulling the sled and soon pushing the prowler and walking the farmer walks.

Montreal Barbell is.... dedicated to Powerlifting, Strongman, Fitness and Bodybuilding athletes and to anyone who wants to get bigger, stronger and better at what they do. At Montreal Barbell, you will find all the equipment, training and support you need to become a world class athlete.




289b and 291 Harwood Boul, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada


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Personal Training:

We have some of the top specialized coaches and trainers in Canada

Powerliftting - Ross Saldan

MMA and Strength and Fitness - Steve Michelin

Bodybuilding - Martin Cormier

Getting Started with a personal fitness program - Chris Skoda







We also have a full line of SUPPLEMENTS in our supplement store.








Friends with Bronx Gym


Harwood Boulevard in Vaudrueil-Dorion has two great gyms for training.


If you are looking for a larger commercial style gym with all the amenities and excellent personal training programs and group activities visit our friends at Bronx Gym


But, if you are looking for a smaller more private type of gym with a focus on strength training then come and visit us at Montreal Barbell.


Two great gyms in Vaudreuil-Dorion with a good  choice of  what fits you best for your fitness and health goals.





Montreal now has two great powerlifting gyms. Epicentre in downtown Montreal and Montreal Barbell in Vaudreuil-Dorion, 30 km west of downtown Montreal.


Epicentre is a semi-private training facility for anyone interested in Strength training, powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, athletic conditioning, losing (or gaining!) weight, or simply staying fit.


Kacey Baines began Epicentre as the first powerlifting gym in downtown Montreal focussed on strength building, powerlfting, strongman, weightlifting, cross-fit training and sport specifc strength training. Epicentre has the best strength equipment available including power racks and benches from Elite FitnessTraining Systems. Together with her competition experienced team of trainers, Kacey will provide you with real knowledge, training and motivation to be the best you can be in any strength sport endeavour you choose. You can learn more by visiting their website at