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Kuma is 13 today, Wed, October 5, 2011



Kuma at 13 years old




This is a picture of Kuma working at the gym today, on her 13th Birthday, Wednesday, October, 5, 2011.

Kuma is the gentlest, kindest and most loving animal I have ever met.

Kuma has been to all of our powerlifting meets in Canada and in the US which means she has been to about 30 to 40 powerlifting meets. She travelled with us to train at the Metal Militia NY compound with Bill Crawford and Sebastien Burns. Bill doesn't let any dogs in his gym, and he wasn't going to let Kuma in, until she played rough with him and bit him, now he loves Kuma. We travelled there for a few years sometimes going down to train almost every second week. At each meet and each training, Kuma comes into the gym and lays down on our gym bag on our bench shirts and squat suits and makes herself compfortable. Kuma is more than our mascot, she is our most loyal supportor. At meets, every once in a while she gets off her bag of gear to check around the audience if anyone has any food for her. Occasionally, she will walk right up to the platform take a look at the lifters and will walk over and lay down beside one of the judges. Loud music, screaming crowds don't faze her, she is used to all of it as part of her normal day and she likes to lay down and sleep in the middle of all the activity.

  Kuma at Ithica UPA meet Aug 6 2011Kuma at Ithica UPA meet Aug 6 2011 2Kuma at the hotel at Ithica UPA meet Aug 6 2011 Kuma at Ithica UPA meet Aug 6 2011

Kuma works every day at the gym. She has her bed and pillow right by the front door where she keeps her eye on people coming into the gym. If a new person comes into Montreal Barbell, she barks and keeps them at the door until someone comes to greet them. Once people pay their dues and become members, Kuma knows who it is and doesn't even pick up her head when they come into the gym.

Kuma was born in a small town outside of Vancouver, BC. on October 5, 1998. Cheryl researched breeders and chose her for her gentle temperment. Cheryl went to Vancouver, bought a giant dog cage, picked up Kuma and put her into the cage and on the plane to Sarasota, Florida. Once Cheryl got home, she held her in her arms like a little baby, then called me on the phone and asked, "what do I do with her?". Kuma was adorable as a little puppy with a black mischievious looking face and big brown eyes. She loved to be picked up and held, then she would look at you and as you got close, she would lunge at you and bite you right on your nose with her needle sharp teeth.

Kuma with her sister

Kuma spent most of her early years in Sarasota, Florida. We bought an SUV for her instead of a car so she could see out the windows and have more space. Then, with the weather getting hot and humid in the summer, we started bringing Kuma up to Dorion for cooler summers. When the snow came, Kuma loved to play in it and laydown and sleep in it for a while to cool down. So, we started coming up for part of the winters as well so she could play in the snow. Eventually, we started spending more and more time in Dorion. While we were in Florida, there were many powerlifting gyms to train in, but up in Dorion, there weren't any specifically for powerlifting. We first started to train at Bronx Gym and we were able to bring Kuma upstairs to the gym there. Eventually, we wanted to grow powerlifting more and we moved to a bigger space and Montreal Barbell was born.

Kuma loves to sleep. When she feels it is time for bed, she goes upstairs on her own, usually at 11:00 pm. If I don't go up with her, she starts talking to me, kind of a cross between a growl and a whine. Here she is at the top of the stairs waiting for me to go to bed.

Kuma at the top of the stairs

Kuma at the top of the stairs waiting 2





















Kuma at the top of the stairs waiting to go to bed.