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Oct. 7 Shirted bench at MBB

was really tired of a long day at work waking up at 4:45....took 3 ephedrine + a Rockstar and it wake me up real good.

raw bench warm-up

bar x reps

135 x 10

225 x 5

315 x 2

Didn't do too much raw bench because of my shoulder problem.

put on new M3 bench  shirt on

405 x 2 (came down like 2 inch...)

455 x 1 (2 inch high from touching)

495 x 1 Touch

545 x 1

610 x 1 PR

635 attempt...something went wrong when i touch i felt some pain in my bicep and i asked the spotter to took the bar before it got bad. The weight felt fine so two weeks from now i am confident it will get done.

Curd was doing some technique work with 650 handling it very well. Chris did some light bench working up to 315 for reps too heal his was looking good. Ross did an amazing 550 bench...he wanted it, and it finished it. Have to thank Tina for taking the video and all the cheering! It was small group tonight but great support and atmosphere.