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Oct 21. Heavy bench

Bench training at Montreal Barbell

raw warm-up

bar x reps

135 x 10

225 x 5

315 x 2

M3 PR shirt on

455 x 2 No touch

500 x 1, 1 inch from touching

585 x 1 Touch

635 x 1 PR

Thats a 25 lbs Pr over my last shirted bench from two weeks ago, all done in my new M3 PR series shirt. The weight felt good but i need to get my body used to the increasing weight so i stopped at 635. I know that i have more left...635 was hard to touch and the shirt is not jack yet. And this is a 2-ply made so i can't believe how strong the 3-ply is. With the right fit, this is without a doubt a shirt that any geared lifter should try. I have bench in many shirt and i have to say this is my best yet. What i like about the shirt is my ability to keep my form easily and the huge stoping power it give me... and because it's polyester made, there's some spring in it too, to help the lock-out. Crazy PR night again at MBB... Thanks to Chris, Claude, Curd and Ross for the good time again.