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Fri Sept 23 2011 Shirt Bench

Great group of people tonight. Was surprised to see Joanick, haven't seen him for a while, glad he came to bench with us.

Lots of talking so missed warming up with the bar

warm up with lat pull downs, then

135 x 10

225 x 8 did more to try to warm up more

315 x1

425 x 2 force my form and arch and everyone said that was my best looking bench ever

500 x 1

545 miss - locked out left arm, right arm lagged behind, then didn't have the feet in the right place to drive with my heels to lock out the right arm. I kept missing 540 so I decided to skip it this week and go to 545.

550 miss - best form but not enough pop, I think I loosen my shirt too much. Curd played a fast one, I thought it was 545 but he threw on extra 2.5's and it  felt the same to me.

Made a real effort to eat this week, and got up to 238 lbs but by the end of the week weight dropped back down to almost my lowest, 233 lbs - both shirts were loose, I got my tight shirt on myself. So, with loss of weight and strength, I am compensating by forcing my technique more and trying harder.

Mike went up to 800 lbs then stopped - one forearm swelled in the meaty part. Curd did 700 three times and touched and sent it up so fast he lost it at the top - some of his best lifting yet. Curd is patient and improves tremendously each week. Chris benched just one set in his shirt then stopped because his arm was hurting. Chris is working so hard, he is riding a fine line with his body pushing it and resting it and pushing it. Steve didn't bench because of his finger, but came in to help spot, that's being a team player. Alex came in from Sherbrooke and video taped, then squatted up to 195 lbs for reps raw with good form. Joanick tried his denim shirt but it is loose on him for the weights he wants to do. Time for him to step up to tighter shirt, He found a brand new Karin denim that was made with single ply sleeves and it fit him perfectly. He had trouble touching at first, but forced a touch with 545 lbs and it flew, then the sleeve started to rip. Nice thing about the Karin's denim shirts is they don't explode, they start with a small tear that can be fixed. Joanick was thrilled with the new support he found in the shirt. Chris is ready now too for a tighter shirt. Ghislain is making some shirts this week so we will see how they fit. Ghislain stuff is moving, We sold three suits last week. So, whatever he makes we sell. This will be interesting.

It was a great bench night, everyone was so glad to see each other that it is almost turning into a social event. It's great that we can lift seriously and still have fun. Was good to lift with Joanick again.