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Tues, Wed Sept 20-21 2011

Tuesday Raw Bench

warm up with lat pull downs and chest press machine, tight from last weekend

bar x reps

135 x 12

225 x 13 PR

225 x 10

Pause 225 x 5,4,3,2,1

Pause 225 x 5,4,3,2,1

Didn't feel great, but was strong anyway. Derek Tiller drove in from Tremblant just to bench with us, then drove back after. He was great to train with, did everything that I did same weights but did 4 sets of 225 x 10, no complaints and enjoyed it. Mike got 405 x 9 at PR for him then did pauses 315 x 10 pauses 1,2,3,4,...10. Tina did some good work 4 sets of the bar x 55 reps and last set got 13 reps, then two sets of pauses with the bar, she is gettiing stronger fast. Then Tina wanted to squat. Tried it first time ever and squatted 145 lbs x 5 reps to a high box, Mike was shocked, Tina was thrilled. She had great form, legs wide and chest up.


Wednesday Deadlift

I did not deadlift, just coached.

Mike's hips were sore, tried 775 twice and missed, form was good, perfect on the lower weights, a little forward on the heaviest weights. I think the belt squat fried his hips last  Satureday plus he deadlifted twice last week. Chris changed shifts at work and was tired but deadlifted up to 500 raw sumo, very strong. Tina deadlifted for the second time ever and picked up 185 sumo then did some down sets with 5 x 135 I think. Mike was shocked again but smiles everytime. He can't imagine how such small hands can hold that much weight. He is impressed with her grip strength.