Fri and Sat Sept 16-17 2011 BIG TRAINING No 2

What another GREAT Weekend!! Nathan Robertson and Stan Wilband, Ryan Tingman and Ryan Oake from the Amherst Powerlifting Team in Amherst, Nova Scotia came up for the weekend to train Friday and Saturday. Derek Tiller made it in from Paris, Ontario and had a blast.


A huge group of lifters, great excitement. I love it when the lowest raw warm-up weight is three plates and three guys warmed up to 500 lbs raw before putting on their shirts.

bar x reps

135 x 12

225 x 6

315 x 1

loose shirt on

425 x 1 and missed the second rep, lost it backward

tight shirt on, but got it on myself and arms turned inside the sleeves

500 x 1 felt good

540 miss felt strong just not high enough

540 miss, Joffrey coached got supper tight and strong but overshot the touch

540 miss best form, best touch, ran out of steam on the way up

Mike said the temperature was perfect, it was cool. Two benches going full time, incredible energy. Highlight was Chris Skoda coming in determined to get his first 600 lbs. First attempt he popped it up four inches and then sheer determination push and pushed and got it to lockout, but the spotters started touching the bar, me included because it didn't look like he was going to get it, so he got it but not a clean lift. I suggested to Chris to do it again and get it clean. This time he was ready, I jacked his shirt lower and he was patient taking it down then for the first time he found his line and road the shirt back, it just sailed up easy to the top, beautiful! Chris was shocked how easy it was and super excited. Everyone was happy for him, Chris kept pacing up and down not knowing whether to scream, laugh or cry, he was so happy. It was great to see.

Leo pumped up 500 for three fast reps raw and did triples all night - good hard work that will make him stronger. Mike did one rep with 500 then put his shirt on and came close to touching with 7 plates, at 8 plates he got dizzy and his arms wobbled so we took it. He said he didn't feel the wobble and didn't remember pressing it up, so he was ready to pass out again. We made Mike stop there, he took NoExplode as a preworkout and it messed with him, so it was not worth the risk. Carmine got six plates and just missed 600 at lockout, everything went up really nice, just stopped short. Steve was sore but went for 500 for the first time, getting stronger every week.

Nathan Robertson came in with a new orange Metal Jack shirt only tried it once before, looked like a bit big on the chest plate. He completely changed his form to MM style and on 500 did it perfectly, touched and the it flew up easy. Then at 550 he wasn't able to find the same form. Young Ryan Oake was very strong, so was 'older' (and wiser...) Ryan Tingman. The Amherst guys were all benching to boards in their shirts but they will change that when they get back home. They moved along quickly compared to our slow pace.

Curd came in looking refreshed was going to do triples but got caught up in the energy and said "load up 800, I want to feel it". He took it down with good control and was and patient with it and handled it well.

Derek worked with a handme down size 54 Super Katana, way too big, but was good for learning new form. Derek did a lot of work just taking the bar down in good form until it stopped and took it patiently one step at a time.

Shany was very strong. She hasn't been in her shirt for a while so when she started she had bad form, elbows  came in and bar went straight for the stomach instead of down. But, with each set she started to find her form again. Incredible determination, She got 365 then up to 385, the 405, then missed 425, 425, 415, then went for 430 twice I think and missed them both but was very close to lockout. I was worried that she was doing so much work, but she said with Joffrey they are doing more work and building stamina for heavier weights. Very impressive.

It was a night to remember, like a meet but with more time to talk to and work with everyone. Great fun. Very pleasantly exhausted and energized at the same time.


Saturday, Sept 17 2011 - BIG SQUAT TRAINIG!!

Went to bed at 2, got up at 7am too excited, couldn't sleep. Got to the gym 11:40 and everyone was there warming up already.

I was beat up from the bench, legs hurt and tired, so I let everyone start and I warmed up slowly, then stopped warming up, quads hurt. Finally  with everyone was almost finished, I put on my briefs and tried to do what the plan was.

bar x a million reps

145 x tons of reps, legs hurt

235 x 8

325 x 5

briefs on

415 x 3 felt good but legs just hurt

505 x 2 hurt in the bottom

put suit on

595 x 1 felt much better almost felt light

685 (7plates) with knee wraps and a huge buildup and everyone yelling, I took the bar out shook, started down and had zero umph, so went back up and just racked it, done and disappointed. Need to get ready for next week.

Was fun working with everyone, helping find the best squat form, yelling and screaming at everyone. Nathan Sawatis came in from Cornwall and tried a new white M3  suit on. It was a bit loose but it worked well for him. He dumped 6 plates then did it again right away and got it, then went to 7 plates and he took it down and popped it up beautifully. Who knows what Nathan will be able to do in the squat. Nathan Robertson brought his stance in a bit and pushed his knees out over his feet and had a much straighter stance, looked beautiful - he went up to 8 plates and a 25 which is 825 lbs. As the weights got heavier, Nathan handled them better, super strong, Nathan will squat 1000 lbs with good form and a tighter suit. Stan got into a white M3 suit as well and it fit him well. He was very eager excited to squat and had a lot of fun, great energy with everyone. Dereek put on a M3 suit and tried doubel ply for the first time. Went up to 505 then back down to work on form, then back up to 505, Derek worked hard. Steve got another PR with briefs only, up to 625 lbs, huge. Chris was extremely strong and did triples all the way up to 7 plates, then took 750 for a ride. Ghislain came back stronger and is working his way back up to his previous strength but at a lower and sexier body weight. I think he said he will start eating more now. Ghislain went up to 775 or 825. Young Ryan Oake went raw and flew with 505 lbs, then went 555. Then he deadlifted 6 plates raw easliy and even did 635 lbs raw as well. Very impressive. We need to get him in a suit so he can go heavier. Mike deadlifted and worked on form, but deadlifting Wed took something out of him and he tried and missed 8 plates twice. He almost got it last week. So, with more rest he will come back stronger.

A great squat and deadlift day for everyone and I think everyone was also satisfied and exhausted. It was a great atmosphere of friendship and everyone together helping each other. The Amherst Powerlifting Team has a great attitude and they work hard and they will grow strong as a team. We are very glad they made the trip and although its long I think it was worth it for them. It's like being with old friends and you're so happy to see each other and wish we could spend more time together.

I spent Friday night and Saturday with Nathan Robertson going through technique and together we analyzed everyone's lifts. We went  through Metal Militia technique, training and attitude. In the end, Nathan passed his Metal Militia Certification and he will receive his certificate in the mail soon. Congratulations Nathan, you are what Metal Militia is about and you will inspire and train many new an great lifters!