Wed Sept 14 11 Deadlift

Only 8 training weeks left before Limerick, Ireland, so need to get into the suit and start deadlifting for real.

135 x reps to stretch and work on sumo form, everything will be sumo from now on.

225 x 6 singles

315 x 3 singles

briefs and Metal suit on, very tight in legs

405 x 2 singles

495 x 1

chenged suits, legs were too tight, put on Inzer suit with wider legs plus rolled up briefs and suit

545 miss popped well off the floor to just above the knee, I was out of line and didn't want to fight it so put it down, plus nose was bleeding lots.

Left it at that as my first heavy deadlift since about April. Next week will try the suit without the briefs. I will have to see what works. It seems that when I get down below parallel I am weak to start, can't do 405 raw from this position, so two things, will have to work to strengthen this or will just go back to using tight gear and pivoting on the hips from a higher starting position. Will wait and see what happens next week when I go just in the suit and get into a better starting position.

Chris did really well, got 545 lb raw sumo. He is starting higher and using his hips and legs to lift the weight. The suit is messing with his abilitiy to get down into start position and he goes before being ready and then its just much heavier. I am sure we will work out the suit technique.

Steve got 500 for a nice PR, very strong and explosive.

Mike was ready for a big deadlift and after searching all over the gym for his suit, we realized that I gave it to Ghislain to make another one same size for Nathan and Jamie. Mike worked on doing triples and forcusing on form and balance.

Tina tried deadlifting for the first time. Bar first, then Mike was going to add 10 lbs to each side, I said add 25. She ended up doing 135 easily bent over sumo style for 3 singles and 1 double. Mike's eyes went big and he smiled.