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Sun Sept 11 11 Squat

Tough to get up in the morning, stayed up late, couldn't sleep even Kuma would not get out of bed to go to the gym, tried to wake her up but she just put her head down. Was going to leave her at home, but finally she picked her head up. Made a coffee and went to the gym. Me - "I'm not going to squat today",

Chris -"Ross, you are going to squat".

Me - "I don't know, I'm tired, I don't feel like it, blah, blah, blah"

Chris - "Ross, you are going to squat".

Later, "Chris, I am going to skip a turn, I am not ready, I have to put my briefs on..."

Chris - "The bar is loaded for you and waiting, go put your briefs on, we are waiting for you".

It was that kind of squat day for me. Dragged into it. But, the bar felt like a toothpick, 145 was light for reps,

235 felt the legs hurt, x 6 reps

325 x 3 got deeper and felt my quad hurt, not warmed up well yet.

briefs on:

415 x 3 attacked it aggressively, music made me emotional

505 x 3 agressive again, much better, great standup, just popped it up

595 x 1 took it down slow and strong then popped it up, was surprised, felt good.

Wrapped it up there, not a lot of work, but at least got some maintenance in.

Nathan squatted raw really well, nice and wide and deep, so we put him in a suit. The suit was tough to learn, but he got better with each set. Stand up had to change and by the last set with 6 plates, 595 lbs, he got a great standup, and started down straighter, got better depth and then popped it up. He got the feeling and it felt great for him. Chris went up to 7 plates and a 35 = 755 lbs and handled it well but came up early. It was a new weight for him - he's come a long way and is on his way to 800 soon. Steve did an incredible 3 reps with 6 plates in briefs only, very strong. Mike deadlifted sumo for the second time and in a suit, this time popped up 7 plates very easily and got 8 plates to above his knees, 765 lbs. A good energy and a great lifting day again for everyone.

Next week we are going to squat and deadlift on Saturday instead. Will be a huge group of lifters and big PR's again.