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Fri Dec 9 11 Big Bench Night No_1

Lots of anticipation for this bench night, everyone came in earlier and was very excited. Mike Guay, Tina, Chris, Steve, Carmine, Cornwall guys: Jamie, Nathan and Ryan Kingma, Yassine, Me,Alex from Sherbrooke and Leo Tilli. A great group, great atmosphere.

I got down to business pretty quick,

bar x reps

135 x 12

225 x 6

315 x 1.5

shirt on,

425 x 2

500 x 1

540 miss

540 miss

Again,body weight is still down by 10 lbs, so I focused on form and attitude instead. Weights felt light because body was tight and atmosphere was thick with energy. I missed 540 twice at the same spot, felt it go forward and up on my toes which lets me push it up but not back to finish it. 540 felt heavy but I didn't care. Mike and Alex said my form was awful and everyone said I gave up too early. Will push harder next time.

I will put together a video as soon as I can, but the highlights were, Mike 3 reps with 5 plates raw, Leo PR's with 7 plates and then again with 700 lbs - just incredible, it stopped, then he grinded it out at the top, very strong. Biggest excitement was Chris locking out 6 plates a big milestone for him - he's very strong, but sheer desire pushed this one up for him. We were careful with Chris because he is feeling wrist and forearm pain. Alex's doctor told him the x-rays showed many little fractures in his arm which caused the break just below the wrist wrap. The forearm pain was a warning, the pain was from the many fractures in the honeycomb of the bone and with two three weeks of taking it easy it should heal stronger. So, we are all more careful with that now. Yassine did really well too.

It was one of the best nights we've had in a long time, great feelings with everyone, everyone really enjoyed it and stayed late to talk afterward. Next Friday is going to be even bigger, all the same people will be there plus the Amherst Powerlifting Team from Nova Scotia with Nathan Robertston, and also Shany and Joffrey and Curd. Will be a huge group with huge benches. This would be worth coming down to watch. You won't find energy like this anywhere else.