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Wed Sept 7 11 Deadlift

315 x 3

That's it. Felt light, but still sick, have to start feeling better soon.

Chris worked form in suit, no briefs, easy 500 twice but knees came in on 550. Steve, up to 475 nice explosive, then back down to 4 plates, then 3 plates then 4 with straps up. Got the feeling in the end, 4 plates flew, I was glad to see him get it.

Yassine, continues to surprise. Walked in - one plate, two plates, three plates PR. Walked over didn't think about it and picked it up, Was great. Then, 225 x 10 reps x 4 sets. Great work!! Not afraid to work hard. The first big bench Friday is coming up, got to eat up for this. Weight today 232 lbs. Have to make a training plan for Ireland, time to get some work done.