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Tue Sept 6 11 raw bench

This past week I've not done well. Was very weak on Friday's bench, missed 475 lbs, then tried 500 and it felt like a ton, so stopped there. Didn't squat Sun - was sick all week and stressed badly.

Came in today, everyone was excited, Tuesdays are turning into pretty fun bench days, raw day is different for all of us, short and sweet, working on form yet still trying very hard. Ross are you ready to bench..."nah, I'm still sick and weak, lost  tons of weight this week, lowest ever, don't want to lower my immune system.... I'm not going to bench much, maybe a plate, blah, blah, blah."

bar for reps, felt light

135 for about 12 reps again very light

225 x 12 tied my PR, what's going on???

245 x 9 PR

Pause bench 245 x 4.5 reps

What?? Where did the strength come from? Form felt good, weight felt light, I don't get it, wasn't even going to bench tonight, haven't eaten, drank or slept in days. The only answer I have, feel less stressed. stopped worrying about things I can't control - got to the point that enough was enough and delt with three issues today. Stress really is an amazing thing, it can really weaken you.

Or, maybe it was just the energy level of the group tonight, everyone doing so well. We couldn't get Yassine to stop smiling, smacking him just made him smile more, lol. Chris pumped out 6 reps with 315 and Mike did 9 with 405 both PR's I think. Oh, and Yassine got 5 x 135 for 3 sets, one was only 4 reps but the other two were 5.5 reps so we can call it an even 5. Tina did the bar for 3 sets of 5, big PR for her, couldn't do the bar two weeks ago.

Only 9 training weeks before Ireland.