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Update April to Sept 2011

It's been a long time since I updated my training logs. I have been training each week all along, have not taken any time off, I just let a few updates go and it turned into 5 months of no updates. Sorry.

A short summary of what has happened since April:

Shawna and I came back after our meet in California where she got 5 th spot ranking in the Squat with her 424 lb squat and a 5 th ranking in the bench press with her 292 lb bench press in the current women's U.S. rankings. I was disappointed with my meet results and when I came back I kept working the squat.

Next we ran and competed in the Canadian Pro/Am Nationals, our most successful meet todate. I benched in the bench only and didn't do very well, it's difficult to prepare and run a meet and then compete in it as well. Shawna did very well and got two AWPC world records. Shawna was also drug tested at this meet and passed the tests to confirm her amatuer drug free world records. She really rose to the occasion and said it was one of the happiest days of her life. Shawna also did most of the legwork in organizing the meet.

Next we ran and again competed in the METAL MILITIA MONTREAL  Bench Wars. I got a 508 lb bench, again disappointing and Shawna again rose to the occasion and got an incredible 330 lb bench press and further set the Canadian record higher. It was a great meet.

Because we felt that Shawna had more left in her to increase her bench press, we looked for another meet were we  could compete in. We competed Aug 6 in Ithica, NY in the UPA Ultimate Pro/Am where Shawna won best lifter female and set the highest bench in the U.S. and achieved No 1. ranking in the U.S. current women's ranking with her 340 lb bench press. She almost got 350 lbs in a fourth lift when she locked out one arm and was an inch away from locking out her right arm. We thought of looking for another meet to get the 350 lbs but after lifting four benches over 300 lbs, she was spent. For the first time, she really gave it all and had a satisfying feeling of contentment and extreme happiness. I benched my best 500 lbs ever for an opener then somehow missed 525 lbs twice.

So, for the last four months I have been squatting, not too heavy in briefs only, but I have really been focussing on increasing my bench. In training, I did get 535 lbs in April and three weeks ago I got 530 lbs. I have not been deadlifting much, just occasionally and not heavy, not past 405 lbs.

So, this pretty much brings my training up to date.

My plan is to compete in the GPC World's in Limerick, Ireland in Nov 16, 2011 and I am starting to build myself back up to getting stronger than I have ever been. It's just that stress takes a lot out of you, more than you realize. People at the gym have stepped up to help and support, a big thanks to Chris, Mike and to Steve.  I will get back on track and we will make this work guys. Everyone needs a coach and I lost my coach, but Chris has stepped up to motivate me and coach me. Thanks Chris.