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Wed Nov 3, 2010 - Some DL and Arms?

Ok, was training Simon and decided to try Ghislain's training plan of doing some deadlifts next day after heavy deadlifts. And, did some bicep and tricep work, my semi annual arm workout.


315 x 5 with no belt and no warm-up, just tight and slow to not pull anything

225 x 5 for form to keep hips down and to experiment with different thigh angle for starting.

found it quite heavy so stopped there.


50lb x 10 fixed barbell bicep curl

Tricep push down on  cable machine 15 reps

70 lb x 10  fixed barbell curl

This was the warm-up, then the heavy sets of 6 on the cable cross-over machine.

One arm bicep curl for 6 full range reps plus 3 top half reps on one arm, then the second arm

Then one arm tricep push down with max weight for 6 reps. That was first set.

Second set: added one plate more and did max 6 reps where you are barely able to squeeze out the 6th rep on both bicep and tricep.

At the end of this, you feel like your biceps are going to burst.

I usually don't do biceps because they work hard in the other lifts, but I like to do them once in while to strengthen them.

I am preparing for the Metal Militia full power meet in Lake George in 5 weeks and I feel really good right now. I am eating more, still eating clean but added more carbs, rice to my salad and steaks. Plus, I am adding more protein shakes, about 4 per day. And, I am training more and harder. This should make me stronger for the meet, but not fatter.

Sun Oct 31, 2010 Squat and Shirted Bench

Halloween - back to heavy squats after the push/pull last week which means two weeks since last squat and four weeks since last heavy squat, plus heavy shirted bench. The Sunday morning group is growing, today we had Joanick, Ghislain, Carmine (his first squat day with us), Shawna, me, Steve, Mike Guay (first day back with us since the June Bench Wars) and later Leo the Greek playboy.... Cheryl was in Miami will be back next week.

Needed a kick start to get going, tried some Jack3d, took one scoop last week and felt a mild awakening, this time took 2 scoops and was awake pretty quickly and warmed-up quicker and more ready to go.


Bar x reps - felt like a toothpick on my back

145 x about 10 - felt really light again,

235 x 6 - could have gone all day

325 x 4 or 5 = bar started to feel heavy on my back and shoulders, but weight was very easy

425 x 3 or 5, - I don't remember the Jack3d was not good for my memory.  - briefs on

505 x 3 - in briefs, forgot to put my suit on, so did it in briefs and deeper than ever

595 miss - in suit, Leo called my depth, I started out too slowly and took forever to get down and get the up call which was still a bit high, then on the way up, it seems like my right quad just gave out when I started up.

645 x 1 pretty good one, with knee wraps. The Jack3d was doing the talking here, load more weight, something I can get excited about, instead of trying the 595 again, Joanick cranked up TNT by six feet under and I attacked the weight, was very happy and done.


bar x reps focusing on driving with the legs

135 x reps explosively, focusing on leg drive

225 x 4 again explosive and driving with legs into the shoulders, felt great and light.

320 x 1 - a PR cause the boys played a trick on me and added 2.5's on each end. Went up well.

425 x 1 in shirt, nice and easy

500 miss, everything felt great, came down well, held my head down more and stalled on the way up, fought it for a long  time and got the work I wanted out of it, Done and happy.


It was great to see Mike come back and it was great having Carmine join us for the first time and forcing him into gear which he hated but said he is willing to push through and learn it. He said at the end that it's not like everyone thinks, "slap on some gear and lift 200 pounds more", its alot harder and a killer workout. Carmine has huge potential in gear, but it will take a while for him to see it.

I am very proud of Shawna. She is becoming so knowledgeable on form and training and she is lifting with more purpose and more determined than ever. Shawna squatted 325 lbs then had to leave early so she jumped right to 365 lbs and attacked it and held her form.

Everyone on the team is working hard, working together and it seems like we are all getting mentally stronger and more focussed. It seems as each lifter is getting stronger, the team gets stronger and as the team gets stronger, each lifter gets stronger!!

My goals for next week - work harder, deadlift 585 lbs, eat more, more protein shakes, sleep earlier, more volume of work this week and some accessory work - time to start pushing it some more. My next meet is the METAL MILITIA PRO/AM (UPA) in Lake George, NY Dec 11.

Wed Oct 27, 2010 Deadlift 585 lbs Until I Get It

Two days after the meet, I am dying to get back at the deadlift that stayed on the floor.

135 lbs x reps for warm-up

225 x 5 or 6

405 x 1  - suit

500 x 1

585 miss

585 miss

Shocked that I missed the first 585, I really expected it to go. It flew off the floor faster than ever, then at the knee it just fell right back down, not even a pause at the knee. So, the second time, I took more time to set up and pulled it slower off the floor, it actually went up highter and paused at the knee this time.

Each time I do this, it feels closer. Nothing hurts, so I will keep trying this until I get it.

Shawna suggested that next week I work with 560 and then 575 the week after, then go for 585. That sounds like the right thing to do. But, the way I feel, I want to go back out tomorrow and go at that 585 again, but I will wait until Saturday or maybe even until next Wednesday and that is so far away and it bugs me so much..... I have to get the 6 plates, then I will go back to sensible training and work my way up the smart way.

Tuesday Oct 25, 2010 - Light Raw Bench - Recovery?

Shawna and I benched at the end of the day, late at night. Just wanted to get some blood flowing and help recovery. But, the excitement of the meet and the motivation to get better was still strong, so I did more than recovery.

Raw Bench

bar x reps for warm-up

135 lbs x 15

225 x 10

275 x 5 (a one rep pr)

Felt great, and that was it.

Saturday Oct 16 2010 - Max Deadlift Again

Leo Tilli and Carmine came in yesterday to bench. Leo did what he called a de-load, he benched 405 raw for about 5 or 6 reps with long pauses and made the weight look silly easy. Carmine heard that Leo was getting PR's at Montreal Barbell and came down to see if he could get a raw bench PR, he was hoping to bench 350 lbs. But, after seeing his 315 look so easy, we loaded him with 365 lbs. Carmine pressed it and hit a new PR with pounds to spare. So, they came back today, Saturday, looking for more PR's in the deadlift. And, they got them, Carmine picked up 600 lbs and Leo picked up 675 lbs and both were very happy. Cheryl came in to deadlift as well and picked up 405 like it was 135 lbs. So, with all this atmosphere and PR's flying around the gym, I had to deadlift again. No a smart thing to do, but part of my crazy plan to max out twice a week on the deadlift and get my body used to exerting more power.

Warm up

135 x reps

225 x 3

put suit on

405 x 1   felt heavy, legs shook

525 x 1  came up easy this time. was  psyched to rip it up, got good balance

585 miss again, miss #4, made the straps and belt too tight, had trouble getting down to the bar into good position, so will loosen it for next time. Got it up to my knees again.

The weight got out ahead of me again, pulled me forward.

My plan now is to open with 525 lbs and go straight for 600 lbs. I will eat more calories this week and carb up. With a week off, I will be rested, full of food and ready to go. Can't wait.

After this meet, I will max out the deadlift every week again. This will be my crazy plan. Start  pulling heavy and keep pulling heavy. Let's see where this takes me.

Wed Oct 13 2010 - Deadlift

Shawna and I went in to deadlift. First, we trained William on his deadlift, then we sewed up our suits to be tighter to compensate for not wearing briefs in the CPA push/pull in Sherbrooke October 24. We made Shawna's suit almost 4 inches tighter in the hips and left the legs wide. Mine I took in 3 to four inches, but will take it in some more, went on too easy.

My goal was to come in and do a max deadlift of 585 lbs, missed it on Saturday, so wanted to go at it again today. I listened to Leo Tilli's advice and ate more food, but will eat more for the next time.

135 lbs x 3 reps   raw

225 lbs x 1   raw

405 lbs x 1 suit and belt

500 x 1   - flew easier than ever

585 miss   - up to the knees fast, looked like I was going to get it, but it got out in front of me and I felt the shoulders being pulled too hard.

585 miss   - up to the knees again but better form, pushed my stomach out and felt better, just ran out of steam.

495 x 1   - did it for form, but it felt very heavy this time.


I was not mad this time, felt content with what I did, then later was more disappointed. I am confident if I listen to Leo and eat more, which I will, then this weight will fly at the meet.

The BIG  SUCCESS was Shawna's incredible deadlifts. Shawna had only gotten 275 lbs twice before and with quite a struggle. She is entering a head space of focus and determination which is amazing to see. She picked up 275 easy, then went on to 300 which she has missed badly twice before. 300 was smooth and perfecct. Then, we talked about whether she wanted to be done and go home with her success or go and try 315 lbs ( she had tried it last week and it didn't move off the floor). She took some time thought about it and said "yes". This is where she made her lift, she decided to do it. 315 went up smooth and perfect again, unbelievable. My first thought was how far can she go. She was thrilled and couldn't believe that she actually got it. This was one of those moments that we all experience in our lifting, a big milestone where we get something we thought we would not get for a long time and it takes time to sink in. I was very happy for her.


Tues Oct 12, 2010 Light Raw Bench

Ok, this was a very light bench day, only did two work sets, just to get some blood flowing.

Usually start with the bar, but today started with 135 for warm-up

135 x reps about 15

225 x 12

225 x 11

both sets were until right shoulder gave out and started to hurt. I find on raw day, I can go until it hurts and then stop and it doesn't do any damage and I still get to keep up with raw benching. The right shoulder pain and weakness has been around for about two years, don't know what it is. A Chiropractor worked on it almost two years ago and took x-rays and said it's a pinched nerve in my c-5 and c-6 from a compressed vertebrae in my neck. He said it won't get better, just worse. He told me to never do upright rows. Bill Crawford told me it is the worst injury a bencher can have. He had it and had an operation to sheath the nerve. I worried for a while, then decided to just forget about it. I hand off the bench to everybody and I figure it just makes me stronger.

Felt good to bench and see Shawna, Steve and Leo work hard. I would have done more if it wasn't less than two weeks before the push/pull meet.