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Sun Mar 6, 2011 Squat - 775 lbs

Came in with a goal to stay lighter and just get one good deep squat in with 700 lbs.

145 x 10

235 x 8

Put full gear on - Ghislain's purple suit

415 x 3

505 x 1 or 3 don't remember

600 x 1

knee wraps

700 x 1

775 x 1 high

Was suprised today, expected to feel sore, but everything came together and I felt no pain. Warmed up raw up to two plates, then put on the briefs and Ghislain's suit and went straight to 4 plates. Got ready for it to feel heavy and was shocked when I stood up and it felt liike one plate, like nothing. 700 felt great, I was in control of the lift, I went down low and felt it was below parallel, but after seeing the video, I see that I have to go deeper still, so I will do that next week. But, I felt very good about the weight and maybe will open with this weight at the meet. 775 felt heavy like it was supposed to, started down anyway, then got scared and went up early. I haven't gotten scared for a long time, so next week, I will do the same weight again and this time I will go down low with it.

Was very happy with how everything felt today. I think some of the good feeling was Ghislain's suit lets me hold form better. Ghislain took it in tighter this week and I had trouble getting down with 5 plates. I think I may ask him to take it in a bit more still or I will just have to gain weight instead.

Mar 1-5, 2011 - Light Week

The heavy squat on Sunday seemed to take alot out of me. I think going up crooked with the 700 lbs took a toll on my core, back and sides and hips were still all week.

Tues - light bench

bar x rep, 

135 x 10

225 x 8

225 x 10

Ab muscles hurt to push up the stomach, the weights felt very heavy and I was shaky, so I ended it there.

Wed - deadlift

135 x 8

225 x 5

315 x 3

405 x 1

Stayed conventional because quads were still sore. Conventional saved my legs a bit but gave me a back workout. Legs were definately not ready and head didn't want to lift heavy, so ended it there.

Friday - Bench

135 x 10

225 x 8

315 x 1

275 x 3

weights felt better, but stayed out of my shirt to let my tricep heal for another week. I sound like a cripple, guess I feel like one too. Just need time to heal my left quad, my left tricep and let my core and basically nervous system take a break. I have 5 more weeks of training before the meet, so I have enough time to get some more heavy lifts in.

Sun Feb 28 Squat - 755 lbs!!

After last weeks heavy squat of 735 lbs, I felt a bit beat up and wasn't quite sure if I was ready to go up in weight to 755 lbs. But, Shawna stretched me out again and I thought I would just go up in weight and see if I could go for it. Quite a different approach than from last week when I walked in determined to do it. Shawna also had a big squat PR of 435 lbs last week and we both walked in with a "lets just see how it goes" attitude today.

Ghislain made a new squat suit for himself and it was too big, I tried it and it fit. He tried to dye it black but the dye didn't take and it just turned purple or mauve. I wanted to just try the suit to use as a back up suit in case I get too big for my canvas suit by meet time.

145 x reps about 10

235 x 6

briefs and Ghislain's purple suit on

325 x 5

415 x 3

505 x 1

put my canvas suit on and knee wraps

620 x 1

700 x 1

755 x 1

Ghislain's squat suit felt great. It was a bit loose but had a good solid feel in the bottom. I bought it from him and he will take it in in the hips. My form on the rest of the squats didn't feel as good as last week but I kept trying to sit back and find it. I think just the core wasn't as solid. And, here's another one, when I have a goal to get to a certain weight, it's hard to get psyched for the ramp up weights. Mostly it's in the head. Today, the 755 went better than the rest of the squats, but my head was not as aggressive, even though I tried, and as I went down, I came up early. On the video it looks not too bad, but I shook my head because I knew I came up early.

Shawna had no expectations and had a great squat day, probably her best yet. She went 400, 430 and 450 lbs PR. The 450 was a bit high but she handled the weight very easily especially for trying it for the first time.

Mike Guay came in and helped everyone and stayed raw and impressed us all with a triple with 7 plates, 685 lbs raw. Ghislain tried a big jump up to 850 lbs and handled it but got stuck at the sticking point, great effort and courage. Joanick back from his vacation and first time in his canvas suit did his best squat yet, a very calm and good tempo 825 lbs. Cheryl is on a special three week strength building program where she squats, benches and deadlifts every two days. Today she squatted for 5 reps with 325 lbs. Leo the Greek came back today too and it was good to see him. He is working his way up in briefs.

The energy in the gym was a working energy where everyone was a bit calmer and focussed on their lifts and helping everyone else. Right now, I am focussed on myself more to prepare for the next meet and on Shawna as well because she may do the meet with me. Everyone else is a the beginning of training for the Pro/Am June 4, 5.

Fri Feb 25 Shirt Bench

bar x reps

135 x 10

225 x 5

315 x 1

put loose shirt on

405 x miss

Last Friday I injured my right bicep at the elbow trying 510, 515 and 515. I had the rack height set too low and had to work hard twisting the elbow to get the bar in the right position at the hand off. At the end of the session, a cord through my elbow felt like it was on fire like a match was under it. this scared me. I iced it and had it massaged several times. Tried some raw bench Tues and it didn't hurt. Today went raw and it was fine even with the 315, so I felt very relieved for that. But, with the shirt, it was good half way down and then it put the pressure on the tricep and seemed like it pulled the tricep away from the elbow. I felt the burning sensation again, asked the spotters to take and swore out of frustration. Chris and Carmine took the weight off me immediately and saved it from getting worse. So, I was happy that it at least came down half way before hurting and I will ice it and have it worked on as much as possible and will plan to not bench in my shirt next week and just give it two weeks to heal. It is frustrating because I want to bench heavy and can't. So, my goal for next week is two reps with 315 lbs. I am 6 weeks out from doing a full power meet.

Shawna wasn\t planning to put on her bench shirt and was thinking instead to take it easy on her shoulder and let it recover more before going heavy. After her raw work went up so easy we decided to put the shirt on and go up to whatever weight she could until it hurt. As usual for her, as the weights got heavier, her bench looked better and went up easier. So, we loaded 285 and she brought it down slowly, then threw it up like it was 135 lbs. It was a PR for her but also the easiest looking bench at that weight I'd seen her do. With that she wanted to stop there, but I convinced her to go 300 and put it in the books, because it looked like tonight was the night. She brought it down slowly then an inch off the chest she started back up because she felt that spot that would have pushed the shoulder and didn't want to go there. We looked at her shoulder and it was red  and swollen again. It's always hard to decide how far to push and when to hold back. She keeps going to the edge to find it and because her head is so strong. And, its really frustrating for her to have to hold back when she wants to go for it. So, next week we will have to hide her bench shirt and take a week of easier bench, maybe.

Wed Feb 23, Deadlift 600 miss

Started sumo right away, no conventional tonight. Secretly wanted to go 625 tonight, but wasn't completely committed to it. That's because wanting to do something big begins a few days before with big eating, drinking and sleeping. I knew I didn't do my homework and thought that maybe I could cheat my way up to a big deadlift anyway.

raw deadlift with 135 for many singles, then 225 for about 6 singles trying to find the slingshot feeling with the right balance.

put briefs and suit on

315 x 4 singles

405 x 1

495 x 1 bad form, had to grind it out.

545 x 1 finally good form and it flew up nicely

600 miss above the knee

625 miss two inches off the floor.

Felt my good leg, the left one was giving out. Watched the videos and saw that the first movement off the floor was sideways, to take the weight off my right leg and put it onto my left leg until the left leg finally just gave up. My right quad was good last week, but the heavy squat must have reinjured it and made it weak again. I was happy with the form, because it was better than last week, but still not there. Will keep working on the form and when I get it right I am confident I will lift over 600 soon. 

Carmine put on the suit and worked his sumo until he finally got the feeling and the weights flew up. He did a lot of work getting there. Shawna did tons of work too. She had a plan to get to 405 but got stalled in her plan when she had to pull 365 four times until she got it. Then she pulled 385 nicely just couldn't lock out her hips. She pulled so hard her face broke out in red dots all over. Shawna is very determined and inspiring to all of us.

Fri Feb 18, 2011 Bench 515 lbs missed 3 times

Tried on three different shirts tonight. First tried Joffrey's Inzer Rage X size 52 - benched 405 nicely, shirt felt good, was tight but had a bigger area to touch in and let me hold my form better. Then did 455 in the same shirt and it felt great too. Went to 485 and not enough shirt. Then put on Joanick's shirt, same shirt and size but with sewed in  sleeves. Shirt felt really nice and tight but for some reason felt a little bit thinner and more springy. Went 510, brought the weight down, everything was perfect, then no pop off the chest, bar only went up about two inches and it then felt like a raw bench.

Put my own shirt on then, the tighter sleeved Titan Super Katana and tried 515 again - this time got it to almost lock-out, was right there, could hear Shawna screeming at me like never before, but it just seemed like I ran out of space to send the weight back and I couldn't push it up. So, tried the same weight again, and missed again, brought it down faster this time because that's how the poly's work, the faster it comes down the more spring you get, but I didn't slow it down at the bottom like I usually do and in the last inch, I dumped it forward, then pulled it back and tried to find the line up, but wasted too much energy doing this and missed it again. 

I was very happy with this training, because either way, I handled 515 three times and it heavy but good, so I got heavy training in.

The stars of the night were again - Shawna with the best 275 lb bench she has ever done, she just amazes me with her focus, determination and strength. And, she knows exactly what is happening during the lift and feels everthing how it works. Leo Tilli benched 470 lbs for 3 reps raw and was disappointed because he wanted 4 reps with it. But, that was huge, to me that means at least a 550 single. Leo's form is looking very good too. Chris had to use another shirt because I used the one he used last week and that made things different for him, but he finally figured it out and sailed up 500 lbs like nothing. Carmine, well, its all starting to come together for him. Carmine got a huge PR of 545 lbs and felt like he could do more, beautitful form and patience in the lift is really starting to pay off for him. He knows now that he can bench 600 soon. It was a great night and congratulations to everyone!!

Wed Feb 16, 2011 Deadlift

Still working on the sumo. Goal this week was to do 600+ because last week the form was so good. But, couldn't find the form or balance this week, so everything was muscled up instead. In my briefs went 405 felt awful, no support like in the suit. In the suit went 495, 545 an off balance grinder, then 585 miss and I felt done for this week. Shawna was incredible tonight. Check out her log. She pulled an easy smooth 365 PR then went for 405 and almost got it to all of our surprise. Just amazing.

Sun Feb 13 2011 Squat

Last week I squatted 600 for two singles, so my plan this week was to do 600 for one then go 645. But, I train for how I feel and plans go out the window. Instead, I did a double with 600, then asked everyone and of course they said "go 7 plates", so I did. Went 685. Weight felt good, I was in control but form was not great. Felt myself go forward in the knees, which causes extra work because then I am not using the suit fully. Still I was very happy with the lift. I am enjoying going heavier and feeling it the next day, making my body grow.