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weekend training

Big weekend at MBB. We had lifters come in from Cornwall, Ottawa and Nova Scotia. Was fun to be part of all that.


Friday night was shirted bench. Shoulder hurt alot. Joffrey put some stuff on my shoulder that lessened the pain somewhat. I stayed on 2 boards for all the work. In order to get through the workout I had to press in a straight line and not back. Not what I wanted to do but this way I was able to get some work in.






455x2 (pr)


405x6 (pr)

 *after my last set I looked at my hand and my middle finger at the last joint was messed up. the tip of my finger was bent back. I think it was from squeezing the bar so tight I sprained it. It got all bruised and swollen. I icied it all night and made a splint for it.  got a little better overnight and duct taped it for squats the next day.


Saturday morning SQUAT

* Wanted to suit up but couldnt get it past my hips with briefs on. So next deadlift day I will try to put it on with no briefs and try to stretch it out.











(at home tonight will do assistance work: cable abs pulldowns, calf raise, back extentions) so far I have increased my no squat suit record by 85lbs.

last 2 workouts

Tuesday was light raw bench day. Shoulder still really hurts from last friday so I didnt really push it. Was able to get up to 225 to my chest for the first time but it killed.








275x5 (1 board)

305x3 (1 board) shut it down there.

did some light assistance : lateral raise, pushdowns , lat pulldowns and rotator cuff work







500X1 (Wanted to do more but ross stopped me and told me to stick to the 20lbs increase per week)


Reverse band deadlift (bands set at my height) 5 6.

135, 225, 315, 405, 495, 585x1, 605xMiss

did some abs and low back work at home.


notes: I really want to go all out on the big bench day this friday with everyone but my have to use 1-2 boards instead of to the chest just to get through it and get some work done. It sucks but I cant pass up a chance to train with all the lifters coming.

Squat Day

Felt tired and beat up today and shoulder was sore. Had an energy drink and a ton of iceyhot helped alot. Today was my last week of this mini cycle with no squat suit. Surprised myself. Instead of going up to a single I stayed on triples.

145x5 - briefs

235x3 - briefs

325x3 - briefs

415x3 - briefs

505x3 - briefs+belt

595x3 - briefs +belt+loose knee wraps * pr (this is the most I have every done in just briefs. I really have no clue what I can do in a suit at this point.

            Next week i will put the suit on with straps down and do that  for a few weeks and for the 3rd mini cycle go straps up)



Belt squat

calf raise on hack squat machine

kb 2 arm swing

kb 1 arm swing

rotator cuff exercise and light laterals to get some blood pumping into the shoulder


  I am hoping my squat suit will fit me as I have been noticing my hips and ass got bigger.. lol


Everyone did amazing today. Was great to see.



Catching up


Catching up:

 Due to blowing out my shoulder and other unrelated issues I have not been powerlifting for the past year and was involved in another sport.

 Over that time I have been rehabbing the injury and started light training in my basement gym slowly working on range of motion and stretching, mobilty exercises.

 Over the summer I got to the point where I have been able to get under the squat bar and bench press with alot less pain. I was training raw with a close stance squat, and a close grip bench style with zero deadlift work.

  At the beggining of august I reached the point where I thought I was ok to start going back to the powerlifts and switch back to wide stance squats, sumo deadlifts and wide grip benches. 

 I am no longer fighting to stay at 160-165 and just eating normally. I am around 178-180lbs.

Been back training and its been about 4 weeks.

To date:

Squat: Been only using briefs and belt, no suit. Just getting my cns ready and relearning the monolift and squatting wide. Last Sunday I hit a 625lbs with no suit. I will try 650 this Sunday and start suiting up next week and see what happens with 700-750lbs

Deadlift: going very slowly with small jumps the past 3 weeks. Last Wednesday I did 475. I will make small 20lbs jumps every week until I get back up to my old weights.

Raw Bench:  Anything under a 4 board press was killing me. I am now able to get it down to a 1 board relatively pain free. One more week i will go down to a half board for a few weeks and than no boards as long as the shoulder holds up. Last Tuesday i did 300lbs for 6-7 reps.

Shirted bench:  Was pretty nervous to do this but the shirt is keeping my bad shoulder tight and only going until it starts to hurt. I have had 3 shirted bench workouts so far.

Week 1:  up to 405x1

Week 2:  up to 455x1, 405x3

Week 3:  got my old shirt repaired.

        405 (no touch)

        455 (no touch)

        475 (no touch)

     500 (brought it down, dead stop half way down. All i heard was chris yelling at me to fight it down. Almost touched. ¾ of the way up I tweaked my bad shoulder and shut it down. My problem was I was wearing a lever belt and I couldnt get an arch going with it and was flat as a pancake on the bench. I wont do that again. But very happy with it as it felt good. I think I will get this in a few more weeks and get my head on straight with the technique.