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Hello and welcome to Montreal Barbell


MONTREAL BARBELL is not located in Vaudreuil-Dorion anymore. We have temporily moved into a smaller non-commercial garage location in Les Coteaux, QC.



A new powerlifting team training schedule is starting Sunday June 24, 2018.

METAL MILITIA MONTREAL and MONTREAL BARBELL are teaming up for some serious regular scheduled 4 day a week hardcore training.

To join the team training please contact NATHAN ROBERTSON here


Stay tuned because MONTREAL BARBELL will soon be hosting our well known hardcore powerlifitng meets again soon. We will host IPA POWERLIFTING CANADA  meets and METAL MILITIA POWERLIFTING


If you are interested in joining us in Les Coteaux now, or if you would like to sign up for on-line powerlifting training,

then contact us through the contact page.


You can also look at METALMILITIA.





To inquire about ON-LINE COACHING, ON-SITE COACHING or having a SEMINAR at your gym, contact the following CERTIFIED METAL MILITIA COACHES

Ross Saldan in Montreal - Contact here

Nathan Robertson in Alexandria, ON and Les Coteaux, QC - Contact here

Joanick Boilard in Sherbrooke, Quebec.












METAL MILITIA MONOLIFT (MILITIA LIFT)FOR SALE - MILITIA LIFT - METAL MILITIA equipment is so strong, it lasts forever. A new MILITIA LIFT - monolift is for sale for $3500 US and a new METAL MILITIA PRO BENCH is for sale for $1200 US, picked up near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For information contact Ross Saldan (click here)  (as of June 14, 2013).


For more information on METAL MILITIA Equipment go to our other website at























M3 Bench Shirts on Hooks



Montreal Barbell is the Canadian distributer for METAL MILITIA POWERLIFTING EQUIPMENT custom made by Bill Crawford. Save yourself the US duties, shipping and customs brokerage fees and buy METAL MILITIA POWERLIFTING EQUIPMENT directly from Montreal Barbell. Right now our prices in US dollars, picked up at Montreal Barbell are: Militia Monolift $3500 and Miliia Bench $1200. METAL MiLITIA POWERLIFTING EQUIPMENT is not only the best value available, but it is also the heaviest, sturdiest and strongest equipment made on the market. The biggest squats and benches in world history have been made on METAL MILITIA POWERLIFTING EQUIPMENT.






We also have a full line of SUPPLEMENTS in our supplement store. 







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Kuma is 13 today, Wed, October 5, 2011



Kuma at 13 years old




This is a picture of Kuma working at the gym today, on her 13th Birthday, Wednesday, October, 5, 2011.

Kuma is the gentlest, kindest and most loving animal I have ever met.

Kuma has been to all of our powerlifting meets in Canada and in the US which means she has been to about 30 to 40 powerlifting meets. She travelled with us to train at the Metal Militia NY compound with Bill Crawford and Sebastien Burns. Bill doesn't let any dogs in his gym, and he wasn't going to let Kuma in, until she played rough with him and bit him, now he loves Kuma. We travelled there for a few years sometimes going down to train almost every second week. At each meet and each training, Kuma comes into the gym and lays down on our gym bag on our bench shirts and squat suits and makes herself compfortable. Kuma is more than our mascot, she is our most loyal supportor. At meets, every once in a while she gets off her bag of gear to check around the audience if anyone has any food for her. Occasionally, she will walk right up to the platform take a look at the lifters and will walk over and lay down beside one of the judges. Loud music, screaming crowds don't faze her, she is used to all of it as part of her normal day and she likes to lay down and sleep in the middle of all the activity.

  Kuma at Ithica UPA meet Aug 6 2011Kuma at Ithica UPA meet Aug 6 2011 2Kuma at the hotel at Ithica UPA meet Aug 6 2011 Kuma at Ithica UPA meet Aug 6 2011

Kuma works every day at the gym. She has her bed and pillow right by the front door where she keeps her eye on people coming into the gym. If a new person comes into Montreal Barbell, she barks and keeps them at the door until someone comes to greet them. Once people pay their dues and become members, Kuma knows who it is and doesn't even pick up her head when they come into the gym.

Kuma was born in a small town outside of Vancouver, BC. on October 5, 1998. Cheryl researched breeders and chose her for her gentle temperment. Cheryl went to Vancouver, bought a giant dog cage, picked up Kuma and put her into the cage and on the plane to Sarasota, Florida. Once Cheryl got home, she held her in her arms like a little baby, then called me on the phone and asked, "what do I do with her?". Kuma was adorable as a little puppy with a black mischievious looking face and big brown eyes. She loved to be picked up and held, then she would look at you and as you got close, she would lunge at you and bite you right on your nose with her needle sharp teeth.

Kuma with her sister

Kuma spent most of her early years in Sarasota, Florida. We bought an SUV for her instead of a car so she could see out the windows and have more space. Then, with the weather getting hot and humid in the summer, we started bringing Kuma up to Dorion for cooler summers. When the snow came, Kuma loved to play in it and laydown and sleep in it for a while to cool down. So, we started coming up for part of the winters as well so she could play in the snow. Eventually, we started spending more and more time in Dorion. While we were in Florida, there were many powerlifting gyms to train in, but up in Dorion, there weren't any specifically for powerlifting. We first started to train at Bronx Gym and we were able to bring Kuma upstairs to the gym there. Eventually, we wanted to grow powerlifting more and we moved to a bigger space and Montreal Barbell was born.

Kuma loves to sleep. When she feels it is time for bed, she goes upstairs on her own, usually at 11:00 pm. If I don't go up with her, she starts talking to me, kind of a cross between a growl and a whine. Here she is at the top of the stairs waiting for me to go to bed.

Kuma at the top of the stairs

Kuma at the top of the stairs waiting 2





















Kuma at the top of the stairs waiting to go to bed.

Montreal Barbell Logo



Transforming From A Gym To A Business




This is Really Exciting - Follow the Transformation Here


In the Beginning

Montreal Barbell opened three years ago because we wanted to grow Powerlifting in Montreal, in Quebec and in Canada. Right from the beginning we planned to hold powerlifting meets, so we bought the best equipment we could find, including Metal Militia monolifts and Metal Militia Benches, as well as Texas power barbells and deadlift bars and a full set of Ivanko Chrome Calibrated Weight plates for competitions. Everyone who came into the gym was persuaded to try to squat, bench and deadlift because I believe in Powerlifting and believe it is one of the best ways to perform full body exercises and to get stronger faster as well as gain muscle mass and lose weight.

We began holding three meets a year, The Battle of Montreal, a full power meet in January, then the Canadian Pro/Am Nationals, a full power national meet in May, and then the METAL MILITIA MONTREAL BENCH WARS, a bench only meet with top benchers setting All-Time World Historical Records in July. Word of mouth quickly spread on the internet that Montreal Barbell was holding the highest level, professionally run meets in Canada. Add to that the fun factor and our meets grew every year. Our first meets were held in 2008 at Bronx Gym where the owner Sean Vann was very kind to let us take over his gym for a day and create a crazy atmosphere. After two years at Bronx Gym, we moved and started holding the meets directly in our own gym, Montreal Barbell.

In 2010 we offered for the first time ever in Canada a large cash prize amount of $5000 and made the Canadian Nationals into a Canada's first big Pro/Am competition. Mat Court earned and walked away with the biggest chunk of the money by earning #1 spot and also getting the biggest squat, bench, and yes the deadlift as well. Mat set the highest squat ever in Canada with his 1153 lb squat and one of the highest ever in the world. Cheryl McKenzie set the highest squat ever in Canada for a female squatting 517 lbs and she did this at 48 years old. In July, we held our first Metal Militia Montreal Bench Wars and three lifters set World Historical All-Time ranking lifts. Bill Crawford benched 881 lbs for the best ever in his life and set an All-Time World ranking. Mike Guay beat Clint Harwood's All Time Canadian bench record by benching 810 lbs, the highest bench ever in Canada and Shany Gilbert benched 407 lbs for the biggest bench by any female in Canada and also set an All-Time World ranking at no.4 in the world.

The following year things got even better. In January we had lifters come from all over Canada to a local meet at our gym and Al Mehan squatted 1157 lbs to take over the biggest squat ever in Canada. Al is one of the best known Canadian lifters throughout the world having done over 13 world championship meets all across the world. This was Al's best meet ever.

Behind ever good man, there is an organized woman who gets stuff done. Cheryl was 50% owner and the silent partner who got everything done from the beginning when we first ran meets in 2008 until early 2011. Then, Shawna joined the gym and became the gym manager and 50% owner in 2010 and up to August 2011. Everyone noticed that the gym was cleaner and more organized. Plus, Shawna was an excellent coach and personal trainer for new members and she did over 90% of organizing the meets which made them run so well. The gym was very successful for what we wanted it to be. Meets were growing in success every year and every meet and more people were becoming aware of Montreal Barbell, not only in Canada but in the World as one of the best gyms in the world for powerlifting training.

After three years in business, in July and August, the gym reached a turning point. After strictly focussing on powerlifting and providing a nice facility to train in, we now had to make the gym profitable. But the gym was far from profitable. It was being subsidized out of our own pockets. Straight revenue only paid for 15% of the total costs of owning and running the gym, this is without any salaries as well.

We now had to transform the gym from a nice place to train that cost us money, to a business that made money and helped the gym grow.

I started talking to one of the gym members, David Taing whos full time job is helping companies improve their website presence for search engines. At the same time, Curd Hos offered his exerience of how he transformed his previous powerlifting business into a profitable and more enjoyable business. Incredible experience and advice.

So here is what we decided to do: The plan was to improve the popularity of our website, and then use the website to sell products other than just gym membership. We looked at developing several revenue streams by selling supplements, powerlifting gear, powerlifting equipment, seminars and certifications. In the future, we will add to that training DVD's.


The Transformation


The first stage was to improve the website popularity. In the beginning of August, was ranked as 1.8 million out of 14 million websites worldwide. Our goal was to break 800 thousand. We reached that goal much quicker than expected. By the second week in September, we hit 797k and we were very happy. Today, we have surpassed that goal and we stand at 585,000 in world popularity. What this means is that when people search for gyms or items that we provide we have a better chance of coming up on the first page of search inquiries. This then means that more people visit our website. Today, we have an average of 1300 visitors per month and about 45 per day, half of which are brand new visitors, we have been visited by 28 countries around the world, having 7 visits from Russia, and Great Britian, France Gemany. Visitors from Japan spent over 10 minutes reading our website. in fact the average time spent on our website is over 3 minutes for each visit. These are great statistics and they are going to get even better. A surprising outcome is that we are told now that we have the potential to earn over $7.00 a day from advertising on our website.

I am working with a marketing specialist who is helping us take the next steps to really increase our poplularity in search results. There are so many ways and things to do that it is very exciting once you understand how the internet works and how much it affects your business. So, this is why this was our first step. One thing that I have learned in life is to seek out experts in the field to help. When I started powerlifting, I took training session with world record holders, then I found Bill Crawford and Sebastien Burns and accelerated my improvement by years. The same thing in business, experts are like coaches who will accelerate our plans for profitability.

We have hardly just begun and things are going ahead of schedule already. The PR Squat Suits and the PR Bench Shirts by M3 our in-house brand of powerlifting gear are selling well. We are working on a logo and a different colour for the gear to make it look sexier and more impressive because it is the best gear on the market. RossFit is starting, the gym is reoganized and looks great and we have people who have asked to register already. The MMM Personal Trainer Certification also is taking off with several people commiting to taking the course and passing the certification. We have sold our extra Metal Militia Powerlifting equipment - don't worry when the next meet comes, we will buy or make more. We have a deal to sell Protein  supplements with a Quebec company who is providing us when a new brand of protein on a conseignment basis. We also have a great arrangement with Fitness Warehouse and Creatine Depot, to buy powerlifting gear such as lifting belts and bench belts and wrist and knee wraps at low prices allowing us to make money on these items as well. The problem in the past was supplements and gear had such a low markup that we made very little money by selling them. With Creatine Depot, we can order our own labelling and specify exactly the type of protein or amino acid that we want in bulk orders. This will allow us to sell these products at a lower price with higher quality ingredients than brand name products.

We are working with Yellow Media to improve our popularity in all their companies in on-line inquiries. We also have arranged to have a profession video made for a one minute advertizing piece for the gym and our products.

"We are going to fill this place up by January!".

I know that some people were getting worried about the future of Montreal Barbell. Now, with the changes, I know that we are all very excited about the possibilities which really are even beyond our dreams. Transforming Montreal Barbell from a gym to a business makes the possibilities unlimited and very exciting.


This is How You Can Help


Publicize Montreal Barbell as much as you can. Google ranks our website based on how many other important and even not so important websites link back to us. Right now we only have 7 websites linking back to us. So, if you subscribe to a forum then put our link in your signature. See if the forums have a listing for powerlifting gyms or hardcore gyms and add us to that listing. There are so many places to list us and its too much for me right now to read all the forums and keep up with it. So, if you can get us in with a link, that will help our Search Engine ranking. We haven't even tapped into Ebay or Craigslist yet or any of the other Canadian and Quebec internet marketplaces. With an army we will be stonger and bigger. Also, email me with any ideas that you may have that will help us get more popular and more profitable.

Cheryl McKenzie No. 2 in U.S. Squat, No. 5 Bench Press, No. 2 Deadlift and No.2 Total in current American Women lifter rankings 165 lbs

Curent American Women's Lifter Rankings
Top 165 Class Multi Ply Female Lifters
Rank Name Federation Date Squat
1 Brooke Fines SSA 16/10/2010 600
2 Cheryl McKenzie UPA 11/12/2010 500
3 Jessica Scofield IPA 30/07/2011 420
4 Trish Martin APF 11/06/2011 407
5 Donna Slaga APA 04/12/2010 400
5 Bernice Fuss SPF 05/03/2011 400
Bench Press
Rank Name Federation Date Bench Press
1 Darilyn Doddy SPF 09/07/2011 405
2 Darilynn Doddy APF 28/05/2011 402
3 Brooke Fines SSA 16/10/2010 340
3 Amy Weisberger SPF 09/07/2011 340
5 Cheryl McKenzie UPA 11/12/2010 305
6 Amanda Micka APA 26/02/2011 303
7 Donna Slaga APA 04/12/2010 275
8 Bernice Fuss SPF 05/03/2011 260
9 Debbie Damminga APF 25/06/2011 259
10 Jessica Scofield IPA 30/07/2011 255
11 Trish Martin APF 11/06/2011 253
Deadlift Name Federation Date Deadlift
Rank Jessica Scofield IPA 30/07/2011 470
1 Brooke Fines SSA 16/10/2010 450
2 Cheryl McKenzie UPA 11/12/2010 450
2 Trish Martin APF 11/06/2011 407
4 Chara Barker SPF 13/11/2010 405
5 Donna Slaga APA 04/12/2010 385
6 Jane Stabile APF 14/05/2011 380
Rank Name Federation Date Total
1 Brooke Fines SSA 16/10/2010 1365
2 Cheryl McKenzie UPA 11/12/2010 1255
3 Jessica Scofield IPA 30/07/2011 1145
4 Trish Martin APF 11/06/2011 1069
5 Donna Slaga APA 04/12/2010 1060
6 Bernice Fuss SPF 05/03/2011 1010

Shawna Geraghty-Saldan No 1 in Current Americal Women's Lifter Rankings Bench and No. 5 in Squat 148 lbs

Curent American Women's Lifter Rankings
Top 148 Class Multi Ply Female Lifters

Rank Name Federation Date Squat
1 Suzanne Schwanke APF 28/05/2011 473
2 Debbie Damminga APF 11/06/2011 465
3 Michelle Moodie APC 03/06/2011 453
4 Bianca Stone SPF 17/06/2011 430
5 Shawna Saldan APF 16/04/2011 424
6 Chara Barker SPF 30/04/2011 405
7 Marilynn Mathis APF 14/05/2011 391
8 Bethani Duncan APF 11/12/2010 385
9 Rita Carlsson SPF 05/03/2011 370

Bench Press

Rank Name Federation Date Bench Press
1 Shawna Geraghty Saldan UPA 06/08/2011 340
2 Bianca Stone SPF 09/07/2011 310
3 Suzanne Schwanke APF 28/05/2011 297
4 Shawna Saldan APF 16/04/2011 292
5 Lilia Venglovscaia SPF 05/03/2011 255
6 Debbie Damminga APF 11/06/2011 253
7 Tammy Howard APA 03/10/2010 250
8 Marilynn Mathis APF 14/05/2011 248


Shawna Geraghty-Saldan No. 1 in the U.S. in Current Women's Lifter RankingsShawna Geraghty-Saldan No. 1 in the U.S. in Current Women's Lifter Rankings - Bench Press


Shawna Geraghty-Saldan No. 5 in the U.S. in Current Women's Lifter Rankings

Shawna Geraghty-Saldan No. 5 in the U.S. in Current Women's Lifter Rankings - Squat

Gym Info 2


Montreal Barbell is a Strength and Conditioning Gym.



Montreal Barbell is a 2650 square foot gym dedicated to building strength and conditioning. Every piece of equipment is the gym is chosen carefully to make you stronger and in better condition.



Conditioning Strength


Not just Cardio, not just CrossFit but conditioning using a proven stength focused base, using powerlifting techniques and full body movements.

Why should you do ROSSFIT? First its an opportunity to get a lot of work done in a challenging, fun and motivating group atmosphere. Second, its the quickest way to get the leanest and fittest body along with the best cadio fitness. It will help you lose weight and generally shape your body to the way you want to look. it will get you prepared and in better shape as an athlete for your other primary sport that you want to excel in.



We are recognized as one of the best POWERLIFTING GYMS in the world and in Canada. In our short three year existance we have produced 15 World All-Time Historical top 20 Records. This means that our athletes have risen in a very short time to become one of the top 20 best in the world across all powerlifting federations in history. I don't know of any other gyms in the world that have achieved this level and especially in such a short time.

We are the best equipped powerlifting gym in Canada and again one of the top in the world. Our equipment is all the most heavy duty and thus safe and includes:

3 Militia Monolifts for squatting,

4 Militia Competition Benches,

Specialty Barbells - Texas Squat, Power Bench and Deadlift Bars

Heavy Duty Belt Squat

45 degree Leg Press, harder than regular gym leg presses

Reverse Hyper

Heavy Duty Power Rack

Hack Squat

118 x 45 lbs plates

Dumbells up to 180 lbs

Strongman equipment - sled, two log presses, stones, tires for flipping

4000 amp Stereo

Plus: - 5 cardio machines and several plate loaded CYBEX machiness like regular gyms have.

3/4" rubber floor mats wall to wall.

cold drink fridge and a wall of Supplements for Sale


We sell:

Occasional new and used Inzer briefs, suits and knee and wrist wraps, bench shirts and t-shirts

Frantz Powergear canvas suits, TP5000 knee wraps and TP5000 wrist wraps

NocWarrior (Eddie) custom made Denim Bench Shirts

M3 - METAL MILITIA MONTREAL Powerlifting Gear - Squat Suits, Briefs, Bench Shirts and Deadlift Suits, suit slippers

Matman wrestling Lifting Singlets

Powerlifting BELTS - Single, double prong and Lever Belts

Bench Lever Belts

T-shirts, tanks, woman's t's and tanks and hoodies - METAL MILITIA MONTREAL OFFICIAL WEAR,  and Montreal Barbell Logo



M3 Powerlifting SQUAT Suits, Briefs and BENCH Shirts For SALE

M3 Metal Militia Montreal The Strongest Powerlifting Gear on Earth


PR SQUAT Suits, Briefs and PR BENCH Shirts - New Products from METAL MILITIA MONTREAL. The best you can get, check these out here.

Squat suits, briefs and bench shirts - we are developing our own brand of powerlifting gear. Wait till you see this. It is made of a light weight non flamable filter material that is virtually non rippable and non destructable. It has been tested in the lab and it could not be torn apart. Ghislain has perfected the design for the suits and the shirt and several of the Metal Mlitia Montreal Powerlifting team have worn, tested and loved the feel and response of these suits and shirts. Ghislain has squatted 925 lbs in his suit and briefs and Mike Guay has benched 900 lbs in the gym in the shirt after  putting it on just 10 mins ealier. Imagine, a thinner, stronger bench shirt that works just like denim but will not tear and has more spring in the bottom. We are currently only able to make small orders to keep the quality perfect - the seams are wider, they are on the outside, not the inside and they are stitched exactly and several times over.


SQUAT SUIT - $240 Double or Triple Ply

BRIEFS - $160 Double or Triple Ply

 M3 Squat Suit



  M3 Bench Shirt

BENCH SHIRT -  $220 Double or Triple Ply


M3 (METAL MILITIA MONTREAL) Bench Shirt, the shirt Mike guay benched 925 lbs with



or CONTACT Ross Saldan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

17-JUL-11 > ME Bench

Reverse Band Bench Press

135 x 5

185 x 5

225 x 5 + STR Band

290 x 3

350 x 2

410 x 1

470 x 1

525 x 1

555 x 1

570 x 1

Reverse Band JM Press

225 x 10-12 x 3 sets

Seated Rows  4 x 10-12

Band Delt Raise  3 x 6-8 each head

Metal Militia Montreal Warrior of the Month


September and part of October 2011 - Chris Skoda Goes Heavy and Hits Big PR's

Who is the Warrior this month? Well, let's see... who showed up for every training session not matter how tired he was, who pushed the hardest and did the most amount of work and who was most excited about his lifts? I love it when the answer is so obvious. We all know it was Chris Skoda!! Oh, and who got PR"s all month? Chris Skoda!

Chris Skoda ready to squat 735 lbs at Montreal Barbell
At the end of August, Chris was feeling tired and thought his nervous system was shot. But, instead of quitting, he man'ed up and got more serious and work harder. September was a huge turning point for Chris. The gym was going through uncertainty and transitions, people started not showing up to training and the energy level in the gym was down. Instead of using this as an excuse, Chris Skoda decided to step it up and focus on his training and his lifts. He sometimes was the only person who showed up on Tuesdays, or Wednesdays, but he still trained and he trained harder. His hard work started to pay off when he benched 6 plates for the first time. Then, he deadlifted and got a huge PR getting 500 lbs raw for the first time, then went ahead and got 550 raw on the same night. On squat day, Chris wanted to get into the 700's something that he couldn't even imagine himself doing just a few months ago. On Sunday, Chris squatted 735 lbs and was thrilled with how it felt. Then, back to his raw bench training on Tuesdays and heavy shirt benching on Fridays. He wanted to go for 600 lbs. He knew he had to wait for two weeks and do the work first, so the next Friday, Chris did two sets of triples with 525 lbs, gettting only two reps on the first set, then getting 3 reps on the second set. This is when his mind started getting stronger. The hard work, the consistency was building a strong determined mind. Big bench night Friday, Chris came in and was pacing up and down wanting to get his 600 lb bench in. All the warn-ups were just necessities that he had to do to get to his goal. Finally, he got on the bench with 600 lbs loaded, He got so excited that he lost his form and pushed straight up, but his mind took over then and his determination made him not quit and keep grinding a bad bench right up to the finish. He got it but it wasn't pretty. So, he wanted to do it again. This time he was ready for it, his mind was on fire and calm at the same time. He got down and benched the smoothest and most flawless bench he ever benched and he sailed up 600 lbs like it was much lighter. He got off the bench and almost cried from happiness. Later, you could still see him pacing up and down in sheer excitement and disbelief that he got his 600 lb bench PR and that it was so easy.  Skoda bench 600 lbs at Montreal Barbell

Chris Skoda had arrived to a new level of lifting. Now, he wasn't just using his strength to lift heavier weights, he now tapped into the power of using his strong mind and desire to lift the weights. Everything  changed for Chris, he got stronger and calmer and more confident and his lifts kept going up. So, that was September. Then, Chris felt pain and got  swelling in his forearm. He now faced the frustration of wanting to lift more but knowing that he had to back off the heavy weights. A new challenge for Chris, more patience. Each week he came and tried to push and pull but he had to stop as soon as he felt some pain. We told him it would take three weeks. These three weeks were a new test for Chris, a test of waiting through the frustration. He didn't do well with the waiting, but he stuck to it. He still came in and trained a bit but mostly came in to support everyone else, even though he didn't feel confident to spot very strongly. Each week he would test his raw bench to see how far he could ride the fine line before the pain would begin. He squatted on Sundays but didn't deadlift anymore.

Finally, after the longest three weeks of his lifitng life Chris started to bench raw and it felt great, no pain. He decided to give it more time and just stay raw for a while longer, but he pushed the raw as far as he could. One week he got a new raw PR of 370 lbs, the next week he came in and benched another PR getting 385 lbs raw. That went up so easy that he went all out for a huge milestone and benched 400 lbs raw. He was back, his waiting had paid off. Now he is ready to get back nto his shirt and see where he can take that to. Chris also came in on Mondays to squat. He trained raw for a bit, then put on briefs and last week did a greuling session, where he did two sets of 3 reps with 600 lbs in briefs, then went and did 10 sets of 2 reps with 3 second pauses with 415 lbs. This was hard work which Chris loved to do.

Consider that Chris Skoda has his work schedule changed in October and he now had to work 11 hour days, starting at 4 am and finishing at 5 pm and then he would come to the gym to train instead of going home to sleep. He would train until 8 or 9 pm then go home to eat and sleep and would have to get up again at 3 am to go to work. Anyone else might have used their new  work schedule to back off training and not show up. But, instead, Chris made his commitment and showed up at the gym, training hard and got new PR's in October. Also, consider that Chris is very disciplined in his eating and drinking. He eats clean at home all the time and will sometimes blend up three chicken breasts in a shake to get his protein and calories. When he goes to work, he brings 10 water bottles and sets them up in a line and by the end of his shift he drinks them all. Chris plans his lifting outside of the gym and includes his plan for eating and drinking to get stronger.

For his consistency, for his mental strong breakthrough, for his working hard and pushing through and for getting PR's on all his lifts in September and coming back and getting squat and bench raw PR's in October, Chris Skoda more than earned his Warrior of the Month, he claimed it as his. Chris Skoda is the Warrior of the Month for September and part of October for his example of what it takes to push through, work hard and get PR's when everyone else would just want to stay home. Congratulations Chris, you are a great example to all of us of what it takes to be a true Warrior!!



August 2011 - Shawna Geraghty-Saldan Benches 340 lbs for No. 1 in the U.S. in the current American Women's lifter ranking at 148 lbs.

Shawna Geraghty Saldan Aug Warrior of the Month No.1 in the U.S. Womens current bench press

Shawna Geraghty-Saldan is hands down the Warrior of the Month for August 2011. Imagine a small girl with tiny wrists lifting 340 lbs over her head. Shawna had to diet down and lose 7 lbs to get back down to the 148 lbs class. Her secret weapon of packing on pounds of muscle with pancakes and syryp got her up to a nice 155 lbs and really filled out her bench shirt. She needed to lose the 7 lbs and get right back up to filling her shirt tightly. She suffered getting the pounds off with 24 hours of no water and no food. The 6 hour trip by car on an empty stomach started a huge headache that just woudln't quit. She was also beat up from her last two meets in 8 weeks and had to cut back on her training to heal up her triceps. For two weeks before the meet, she did not do a single bench press. And, her shirt was so tight she had to open with 330 lbs the heaviest weight she had ever lifted. Imagine the thoughts going through her head when she came up to the bench, having not benched in two weeks, not knowing if the triceps would hold out and not knowing if she could press her PR as an opener. But, like a true champion, she channelled all that nervous energy into lifting the weight and her opener of 340 lbs flew like is was 135 lbs. She was very happy.

But, this is not what she came for, she came to set a World All-time Historical ranking and she needed 340 lbs to get on the list. On her second attempt with 340 lbs, she was a bit too careful and lost her momentum and muscled up the weight but could not lock it out. On the third attempt the pressure was on. She already had 330 lbs in the last competition and she didn't want to waste the trip down to this one, so she refocused herself and called up her strong desire and got down on the bench and got serious. This is what makes Shawna stand out from the rest. When the pressure is on, she performs and produces. She got her third attempt of 340 lbs in a nice smooth bench press. This put her at No.1 in the current U.S. and No. 19 in the World All-time rankings. With this lift Shawna had arrived. This is what all her hard work was for.

In less than two years, Shawna had come from a complete beginner never having bench pressed in her life to the top of the U.S. and No.19 in the World. Shawna dedicated herself completely to learning the technique, to training hard and consistently, to thinking about her lifting at all other times as well and to dreaming about how she could get better. Shawna was disciplined in her eating a lot of food to gain strength and sleeping enough to recover. Her improvements came in small increments. Each week she would fight her way for a five pound PR and sometimes take four weeks to get it.

None of her friends understood what she was doing and the dedication it took. Her friends got mad at her for not spending time with them and because now she thought differently, she lost some of her oldest friends. Her value systems changed, her lifestyle changed. She stopped smoking, stopped drinking and stopped going out on weekends, instead she was in the gym bench pressing Friday nights and squatting Sunday mornings and this made her happier than she had ever been before. Shawna pretty much completely changed her life and dedicated herself completely to what she now loved to do, train hard, lift heavy and compete on a world stage. When guys asked her how much she benched and she told them, they would say that they can't even bench that much and they would turn around and walk away. Nobody realized what it took for her to achieve what she achieved. Nobody understood. She was no longer part of their world. She was an athlete competing against the best athletes in the world.

But, all this time, she never considered that she was competing against anyone, she was only competing against herself. Shawna did not set her goals to beat anyone, she did not even set goals as numbers, she simply wanted to lift more each time and push herself harder and see how much more she could lift. Shawna had no limits, no  unltimate goals, just hard work and progress, And, every once in a while when she attained a certain number she would pause and revel in it. She would say to herself, I just benched 300 lbs and say it over and over thoughout the day in amazement. Then the next day, that was forgotton and she was on to the next training session to lift more. After her last meet, Shawna repeated to herself all day and on the trip back home, "I just benched 340 lbs, I just benched 340 lbs". It was hard for her to believe it. It is hard for anyone to believe it. How could such a small girl bench 340 lbs.

By August. Shawna had trained for and competed in 5 meets in 2011. In the January Battle of Montreal, she achieved 4 Canadian records and PR's on all her lifts. Then in April, she flew to Los Angelos, California and squatted 424 lbs and benched 292 lbs for a No. 5 current U.S. ranking in both liftsand both PR's. Then in May in the Canadian Pro/Am Nationals Shawna set two AWPC World records (in the drug free division) and she was drug tested for this achievement. Then, in July, Shawna focused primarily on her bench and at the METAL MILITIA MONTREAL Bench Wars attained a 330 lb bench press and huge PR and just missed getting on the All-time World ranking top 20. Then, August 6, Shawna Geraghty-Saldan competed in Ithica, NY and benched 340 lbs and just missed 350 lbs (one arm was locked out and the other was an inch away). In all these meets, Shawna rose to the occasion and in all these meets which each one had its own challenges with things going wrong before the meet, Shawna consistantly performed and produced results. This is a true sign of a professional athlete, the ability to rise above and still achieve what she came to achieve in every competition. This is what is truely amazing about her performance.

For her achievement, for her dedication, for her complete transformation, Shawna Geraghty-Saldan achieved what no other woman in the U.S. achieved and for this Shawna Geraghty-Saldan hands down gets the Metal Miliita Montreal August Warrior of the Month award.


July 2011 - Joanick Boilard Gets His Official 600 lb Bench Press Goal

Joanick Boilard came to us from Sherbrooke, Quebec. In his first bench session, he benched 405 lbs for a PR (Personal Record). He jumped up off the bench, very happy with a big smile on his face. From the first day, Joanick knew he needed to train with us for his lifts to go up. He bought a membership and made the commitment to drive almost 2 hours each way and train with the Metal Miltia Montreal Powerlifting Team at Montreal Barbell. It has been two years since and Joanick still drives every week and is never late for a training session. At the METAL MILITIA MONTREAL BENCH WARS 2011 on July 9th, Joanick Boilard officially benched 600 lbs at a bodyweight of 220 lbs drugfree. Joanick's squat has increased up to well over 800 lbs and he fearlessly squatted 875 lbs in the gym. He deadliftted an official 600 lbs at the 2011 Canadian Pro/Am Nationals at Montreal Barbell.

Joanick is a Metal Mlitia Warrior. He is an example to all of us for the consistent dedication he makes to training with the Metal Militia Montreal Powerllifting Team and the hard work he puts in every week to improving his lifts. Joanick is an example of how a Warrior supports his team members. At every meet, he arrived a day early to spot and load or to judge and to help out his team mates during their lifts. Then the next day, sometimes tired from the day before, it was his turn to compete and to put up his best lifts. Joanick puts his team first and himself second.


June 2011 - Shany Gilbert and Clint Harwood - Biggest Bench in Canada, Female and Male

Shany Gilbert

  The first time I met Shany was in Toronto at the CPO Nationals on May 10, 2009. It was her birthday, she turned 18 years old and for her birthday gift, Shany asked her father to take her from Gatineau, Quebec to a powerlifting meet in Toronto. She was alone with nobody there to help her. We watched her lift and immediately saw her determination. She was so excited that she lifted in the full meet both days, first in the Amateur on Saturday, then in the Pro on Sunday. I spoke with her father, who didn't know why she was so interested in powerlifting, considering that not he nor anyone in their family trained or went to the gym. I told him that in her I saw a champion, she has the mind of a champion. I told him that there were good people in Ottawa that could train her in powerlifting, but please bring her to me in Montreal. The following weekend, the whole family came down for the trip from Gatineau to bring Shany to train with us. She loved it and that was it. From that day on, Shany had her father drive her down almost two hours each way, every weekend to train with us.

One Friday night at 6 pm, Shany was not there. Something was wrong, because she was never late. I called but here was no answer at her house. Finally, at 8:00 pm Shany arrived. On her way driving, someone sideswiped her car and it was totalled. Instead of using that as an excuse to not show up, Shany phoned her dad and asked him to rent a car and pick her up and take her the rest of the way to Montreal to bench with us. Her father came in with her and said that maybe we shouldn't let her bench because she was just in a big car accident. I said we will let her go and maybe the adrenalin will help her. Shany benched a PR that night she got 275 lbs for the first time. Shany never missed a weekend of training with us. She would have her father drive her down on Friday and she would stay with us for the weekend then he would pick her up on Sunday after squat sessions. This was her dedication and determination. Shany improved tremendously because of her desire and because she was consistent.

After two months of training, Shany showed me the Canadian records that she wanted to beat. I told her to forget about those records, she will easily beat them with time, but her real records are the World All-Time Historical records. She put the Canadian records aside and never looked at them again and she wrote down the World All-Time records and carried those around with her always.

Shany Gilbert has a gift. Not only does she have an incredible strong mind and unstoppable desire, but she has a great body for strength and a genetic gift for building muscle. Her body responds similar to the way Mat Court's body responds. I pushed her hard and her body responded. I kept maxing her out every week and she just kept getting stronger. I got worried, I called Bill Crawford and told him what I was doing and he said "just keep pushing her". We put her on a Metal Militia training program where we worked on her form and pushed her max with singles and every other week we maxed her out with triples. We only had three pieces of equipment, a monolift, a bench press, and a reverse hyper. Shany did not do any accessory work. She did all her work on the main three lifts until she was exhausted. When you bench as heavy as she does, you do not need to do extra tricep work or extra abs or core work. It's all done with the main lifts.

After the first year of driving every weekend from Gatineau, Shany decided to move to Montreal and go to school closer to the gym. She spent the summer living with us and then found herself a room to rent, then an appartment to rent. She found a part-time job and did everything she could to keep herself going to Montreal Barbell and keep her training set on her goals to get into the All-time records.

By May of 2010, Shany got on the All-Time list with her 363 lb bench press in the 165 lb weight class. Then, at the METAL MILITIA MONTREAL BENCH WARS in 2010, Shany benched an incredible 406 lbs which put her up to number 4 in the All-Time World Records and put her in the Women's Hall of Fame for achieving over 400 lbs on her bench press.

The following year, Shany met Joffrey who supported her in her goal to get stronger in powerlifting. With Joffrey she attained a new high level of mental toughness, mental strength. She came back to the Canadian Nationals and Pro/Am competition and this time under world level judges, Shany squatted her way to not only a new Canadian All-Time hghest squat by any female, but also made it up to number 6 in the All-Time World Records with her 600 lbs squat. She squatted it on her second attempt but the judges did not give it to her, saying that it was a bit high. She showed her mental strength when she came back and got 600 lbs with a deeper squat on her third attempt. Shany also upped her bench to 424 lbs and moved up to number 3 in the All-Time World Records. Her total then also set a new ranking in the All-Time Records.

Shany is an example to all of us on the Metal Militia Montreal Powerlifitng Team at Montreal Barbell. She is an example of what dedication, desire, a big appetite and hard work can do. She is an example of the power of setting a goal and never quitting. And, Shany is an example for all women that a woman can still be very pretty and look very feminine and still be the strongest in the world.


Clint Harwood

Clint Harwood owns and runs The Anvil gym in Toronto, Ontario, a hardcore powerlifting gym that has produced many top Canadian powerlifters who have achieved several World Powerlifting Records. Clint Harwood has been a Metal Mlitia Warrior for many years. I first met Clint at the WPC World's in Lake George, NY in 2006. He entered the bench only and got all three of his benches and finished with a huge personal record, PR, of 771 lbs. which also earned him the title of the biggest bench in Canada. Later, in May of 2008, at the Canadian Nationals in Toronto, Clint benched 806 lbs and became the first man in Canada to bench 800 lbs and more. It was a big goal for Clint and right after he achieved it he asked to be drug tested so that it would be known that the biggest bench in Canada was done drug free. 

After becoming the first man in Canada to bench 800 lbs, Clint decided to drop weight from and went from a Super Heavy Weight Class where he was up to 365 lbs, right down to the 275 lb / 125 kg weight class. He also decided to start squatting and deadlifting and planned to enter his first full powerlifting meet in two years. In these next two years, Clint struggled to maintain his bench in the high 700's. He began researching bench shirts and tried various different materials and shirt types. After achieving his goal of competing in a full power meet, Clint decided that the lower weight class and the full power training were not for him. He decided once again that he is a bencher and that he performs best at a bodyweight of 308 lbs. A few months ago in an email, Clint told me he will now maintain a steady bodyweight and will focus on bringing his bench back up to a higher level than before.

In the meantime, Mike Guay from Montreal Barbell came on the scene and in July 2010, he took away Clint's biggest bench in Canada with an 810 lb bench press at the METAL MILITIA MONTREAL BENCH WARS at Montreal Barbell.

The following year at the 2011 CPF Canadian Pro/Am Nationals at Montreal Barbell, Clint staged his bench press comback. He wasn't completely ready with his choice in the right bench shirt but he decided to enter the contest anyway and do his best. It was at this meet, that Clint shocked everyone and opened with an 826 lb bench press and executed it flawlessly to regain his title of the biggest bench in Canada. Mike Guay tried to match Clint's benches but his form failed him that day and he was not able to get a bench in.

Clint Harwood is a Metal Militia Warrior for many years. Clint had driven to train with the Metal Mlitia in New York and has come to train with the Metal Mlitia Montreal Powerlifting Team all in his quest to become a better bencher. Clint is an example to all of us both at his Anvil gym and at Montreal Barbell where the Metal Militia Montreal Powerlifting Team trains. Clint leads by example not only with his strategic planning and accomplishment of his goals, but mostly Clint provides us with a model of behaviour that says "nice guys can be supportive, can have great sportsmanship and can help others out during the meets, while they still achieve their own highest goals". You don't have to go to a meet and just sit and concentrated on yourself. Clint, drives to almost all of our meets at Montreal Barbell, and he brings his wife Pamela with him to run the front desk while he judges, and helps his teamates from the Anvil and then lifts and still gets the highest bench in Canada.

January 2011 - Shawna Geraghty-Saldan

Shawna Geraghty-Saldan

At the BATTLE OF MONTREAL 2011 on January 29th, on her fourth bench attempt of 300 lbs, Shawna took the hand off and heard four loud pops in her shoulder. Later, an MRI showed that she tore cartilage in her shoulder and partially tore her rotator cuff. The doctor told her to rest and to not lift more than 5 lbs. She was worried that she would not be able to bench heavy again. Shawna was supposed to take four weeks off heavy lifting. She said she just wants to go to the gym to "have fun" and take some time off. Well, that didn't work very well.


She wanted to  test her bench and two weeks after her injury, she benched 250 lbs, then the next week, 275 lbs, then started hitting PR's, 285 lbs the following week, then 290 lbs the next week. Each time she would push it until her shoulder hurt then stop. It would turn red and swell up again for a few days. Bu t, she was thrilled because she knew that she can bench heavy and set new goals for herself.
Ok, so she would take it easy in the deadlift and squat then. No, that didn't happen either. In fact, in the last two weeks, Shawna has pushed harder than ever and broken blood vessels in her face and in her eyes. I think it started with the deadlift. Two weeks ago, she had a killer session, one of those sessions where she misses the lift then goes back and does it again and again until she gets it. Well, she missed 365 a few times then got it for a PR, then went on and got 385 for another deadlift PR, then went on to try 405 and missed it, which just set her up full of desire to go after it the next week. In her squat, she started working on the other side of 400 lbs and got excited about getting it and moving higher. Two weeks ago she got an easy 450 lbs squat PR. This week, she beat all those numbers again with a deadlift 405 PR, bench 290 PR and squat 475 PR. Now, she says next week she is going to take it easy..... right after she gets her 300 lbs bench press first.

October - December 2010 - Ghislain Roy

Ghislain Roy started the strong mind revolution. "I am a Warrior!", is the mantra he repeated to himself all day everyday while at work. "I am not scared, I am a Warrior!". And, thus Ghislain Roy lead the turnaround in strong mind thinking in our team at Montreal Barbell Powerlifting.

Ghislain had done two meets, completed them both but was not completely happy with his results, especially his squat. When he got up to 555 lbs and 600 lbs, he started thinking too much and then started shaking and squatted only part way down and came back up earlier than he wanted to. Then, one day both Shany Gilbert and Cheryl squatted over 500 lbs for reps and 555 lbs for singles. Ghislain came over to me and said, "The girls are squatting as much as me, I will have to squat more." The following week a new Ghislain walked into the gym. He got down to business and worked his way up to 6 plates on the bar. Went over, got under the bar, no hesitation, squatted it... no shaking, no fear. Then, he loaded 650 on the bar, same thing. Then, he called for 7 plates on the bar, 685 lbs. We all looked at each other wondering...what is he doing... will this crush him. He got under, squatted it and walked away like nothing was different, like he expected to do it. The next few weeks, he came in and did the same, only he kept adding weight, 50 lbs at a time. Each week, we looked at each other but said nothing to him. Finally, he asked for 8 plates on the bar and I had to ask him, "Ghislain, are you sure? that's a big jump in weight?". He just said "Yes". Normally, if it were anybody else, I would have stopped them and not let them make such big jumps in weights for their own safety, but just one look at Ghislain's face and I could see that he meant it and he was going to do it. This went on until Ghislain asked to load 925 lbs on the bar. Now, I was worried and everyone else looked to me to stop him. But, we let him go. We watched him get ready, we watched him appraoch the bar like a snorting angry bull ready to charge, we watched his body go into shaking convultions of intensity as adrenalin pumped his neck and head red. We watched as he took forever to stand up with the weight and then he started down and  went all the  way down then started back up pushing a mountain of weight that should have broken his back. He stood all the way up and racked the bar, we started to breath again and we all changed at that moment. We all saw the courage and intensity that seemed impossible but was possible. From that session on, all of our lifts started to go up. We all started to add mental intensity and mental courage and we all started to fight for our lifts. Ghislain changed us all. He did the impossible. In a matter of two months he went from being afraid to being completely fearless, a warrior in the true sense. We saw Ghislain add more than 300 lbs to his squat in two months. And, Ghislain was not a beginner, he had been training for 15 years before this transformation.

But, Ghislain did not simply just change his mind and make it stronger. He did everything he possibly could to increase his squat. He redesigned his program and started squatting 5 times a week and deadlifting 5 times a week. He bought an industrial sewing machine and started making his own squat suits and briefs, testing different designs and levels of tightness. He adjusted his eating plan. And, he set goals each week and quietly chanted them to himself all week at work preparing himself for what he was going to squat that week.

For this, ghislain earns the Warrior of the Month award. Ghislain lead the revolution. We are all now much stronger mentally from Ghislain's example of attaining what was impossible and seeing what it really takes to achieve your goals.

To read Ghislain's training log of how he became a mental warrior - click here

Pro $5000 Cash Prize Distribution

2011 CPF Canadian Pro/Am Nationals


Pro Division $5000 Cash Prize Results


Full Power

1st Place      $2000 - Al Mehan

2nd Place    $1000 - Shany Gilbert

3rd Place     $500 - Joel Boulianne

4th Place     $300 - Evan Bayer

5th Place     $200 - Andrew Kueber

6th Place     $100 - Jesse Leblanc


Bench Only

1st Place      $500 - Clint Harwood (375 kg bench)

2nd Place    $250 - Al Mehan

3rd Place     $150 - Leo Tili

ROSTER - 2011 CPF Canadian Nationals & Pro/Am

Amateur 1 Session - Saturday, June 4, 2011, starting at 10:00 am

Shawna Geraghty-Saldan Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC F 30 Open 67.5 BP
Melissa Beverley Ottawa, ON F 31 Open
Gwendolyn Sheridan Toronton, ON F 15 14-15 52 Power
Savanah Porzuczek Saguenay, QC F 18 18-19 56 Power
Genevieve Brassard Jonquiere, QC F 23 Junior 75 Power
Jessica Benedetto Saguenay, QC F 29 Open 56 Power
Shawna Geraghty-Saldan Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC F 30 Open 67.5 Power
Jen Proulx Ottawa, ON F 33 33-39 75 Power
Derek Tremblay Chicoutims, QC M 17 16-17 82.5 Power
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC M 20 Junior 75 Power
Yann Tremblay St-Ambroise, QC M 22 Junior 82.5 Power
Daniel Chagnon St-Bruno, QC M 52 50-54 82.5 Power

Pro Session - Saturday, June 4, 2011, starting at 3:00 pm

Shany Gilbert Gatineau, QC F 21 Junior 82.5 Power
Alex Chaisson Sherbrooke, QC M 22 Junior 90 BP
Michael Guay St-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC M 22 Junior 140+ BP
Brad White Belleville, ON M 26 Open 140+ BP
Clint Harwood Toronto, ON M 37 33-39 140 BP
Leo Tilli
Laval, QC M 36 33-39 140+ BP
Gary Bobrovitz Calgary, AB M 59 55-59 67.5 BP
Yves Brousseau Jonquiere, QC M 23 Junior 82.5 Power
David Snow Oromoato, NB M 22 Junior 100 Power
Evan Bayer Calgary, AB M 23 Junior 110 Power
Chris Armes Toronto, ON M 21 Junior 125 Power
Marc Demers Paris, ON M 23 Junior 125 Power
Michael Guay St-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC M 22 Junior 140+ Power
Jessse LeBlanc Belleville, ON M 24 Open 75 Power
Andrew Kueber Paris, ON M 25 Open 90 Power
Joel Boulianne Jonquiere, QC M 26 Open 100 Power
Jonathan Gilert LaBaie, QC M 28 Open 110 Power
Jarod Chagnon St-Bruno, QC M 25 Open 125 Power
Al Mehan
Calgary, AB M 39 Open 140 Power
David Gratton
M 37 33-39 140 Power
Peter Wagner Arnprior, ON M 50 50-54 100 Power
Gary Bobrovitz Calgary, AB M 59 55-59 67.5 Power

Amateur 2 Session - Sunday, June 5, 2011, starting at 10:00 am

Jamie Seguin Cornwall, ON M 22 Junior 140 BP
Scott MacDiarmid Cornwall, ON M 43 40-44 100 BP
Ryan Tingman Moncton, NC M 45 45-49 100 BP
Jean-Francois Caron Jonquiere, QC M 17 16-17 125 Power
Nathan Sawatis Cornwall, ON M 17 16-17 140+ Power
Ahmed Saad Chesterville, on M 18 18-19 90 Power
Matthew Giesa Mississauga, ON M 23 Junior 90 Power
Jeremy Reish Ottawa, ON M 21 Junior 100 Power
Alan Beoudreault Jonquiere, QC M 25 Open 90 Power
Alexandre Girard St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC M 30 Open 90 Power
Joanick Boilard Sherbrooke, QC M 28 Open 100 Power
Chris Skoda Montreal, QC M 26 Open 110 Power
Jeff Williams Stouffville, ON M 38 33-39 125 Power
Brad Lentini Belleville, ON M 42 40-44 100 Power
Tom Hayes Toronto, on M 46 45-49 100 Power
Tony Tomra Vernon, BC M 48 45-49 110 Power
Derek Tiller Paris, ON M 52 50-54 100 Power